Weakest of the original trilogy, too focused on conclusion.
19 June 2021
Watched as part of a Star Wars Marathon, hence the shorter review.

This film serves a clear purpose, to bring closure to the original Star Wars trilogy. That, it does, however it sacrifices its potential in doing so. The first act of the film could have been entirely separate and does feel like story buffer, despite the fact it is critical for the film to make sense. The characters don't see too much development, however it isn't necessary, as the previous film has already invested you in them. On the technical side of things, the bluescreens and the speeder bike battle scene don't hold up whatsoever, but most of the other aspects, such as Ewoks or spaceships do. The sets weren't as good as other films, but when the bar is that high, they outclass most other films. The first act had fun action, an exciting heist plot, a Rancor and a Sarlacc. It really managed to capture the grimy, crowded atmosphere of Jabba's palace. The final act on Endor was slightly repetitive, but still entertaining. But the closure is what this film was for, and it delivered a satisfying ending for this Hexalogy. Overall, this is the weakest of the original trilogy, but it's still a much needed, rewarding wrap up.


--Admin-- Violence - Bloodless killings.

Sex/Nudity - None.

Language - None.

Miscellaneous Themes - None.
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