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Higher Plane (2009)

Higher Plane (2009)

  -   Short

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Evan a functioning heroin addict and high flying executive isn't your typical junkie. He has worked his way to the top of the substance abuse ladder and brought with him a numbing tolerance for his chemical habit. When a new, potent euphoric pleasure enters his life in the form of a cursed box it isn't long before Evan is forced to sacrifice everything for his new found high. Originating as a Ouija board centuries ago, the box was crafted into its current form. It was then entombed containing the ashes of its tortured creator only to resurface craving its next victim. Higher Plane is but one link in a very long chain of deaths perpetuated by Josephs Box; an ancient evil that passes between chosen yet willing victims. Each forced into terrible acts of sacrifice to achieve their own highs and detach themselves from the nightmarish visions brought to life by the box.
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