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10 Jan. 1971
Gentle Dawn
Lassie brings together two lonely people when she finds an injured bird and brings it to a man. He enlists the help of his neighbor, a single woman. While caring for the bird, they learn to care for each other.
17 Jan. 1971
Lassie's Busy Day
Lassie is kept busy saving animals: a ring-tailed cat, a horned owls nest, a gray fox, and a burrowing owl.
24 Jan. 1971
The River
Lassie makes her way upstream after helping rescue two campers who left their father to try out a new raft and were swept downstream on the rapids. Once she finds help, however, she must find the boys, who are also heading upstream. With Robert Patten, Don Eitner, Scott Perry, Robert Ferrel, and Danny Madrid. Note: When the question of who Lassie belongs to arises, the forest ranger replies, "Oh, I guess to everyone who needs her."
31 Jan. 1971
Other Pastures, Other Fences
A rural boy, bored with his surroundings, decides to strike out on his own and go exploring. Being angry with his neighbor for posting "no trespassing" signs makes it easier for him to steal that neighbor's horse for the journey. .
7 Feb. 1971
The Awakening
When Patty comes to visit her aunt, she is poisoned by arsenic in the water. Her aunt finds the source of the poison in an old mine but is trapped when the floor collapses. Lassie helps the aunt by finding Patty before she leaves for home.
21 Feb. 1971
Troubled Waters
Lassie makes new friends at the beach, mixed breed Skipper plus two surfers, new acquintances Reed and John. Reed is with the harbor patrol but John is aimless, who "borrows" a boat. Lassie must save John after an accident.
28 Feb. 1971
For the Love of Lassie: Part 1
Lassie returns to the Braddock ranch where she left one of her pups. While playing Lassie falls down an abandoned well. The Braddocks begin to dig to get the heroic collie out and but are needing help.
7 Mar. 1971
For the Love of Lassie: Part 2
As Lassie remains trapped in the well the people she met and helped the previous months converge. In between frequent flashbacks everyone works diligently, including a honeymooning couple, to rescue the beloved dog.
21 Mar. 1971
Lassie finds an abandoned grey kitten and protects it throughout a memorable day. The cat finds a lake to fall into, a hungry owl, and a beligerent pig. Lassie manages to find a new home for the wayward youngster.
7 Oct. 1971
Fury Falls
Lassie rescues a hawk tangled in a kite string; the hawk returns the favor when a snake threatens Lassie's friend, a coyote pup, Next Lassie saves the pup from nearby rapids before finally needing help herself and receiving it from two young men on a hiking trip,
14 Oct. 1971
Search for Yesterday
Lassie travels with the two men who rescued her. Ron and Dale have bought a treasure map and search for a gold mine. Once they find the location they're in trouble: a fire is headed for an old shed which contains dynamite.
21 Oct. 1971
Trouble Tracks
Lassie makes friends with a small dog who is the mascot of an old railroad spur line. The little dog manages to get into all sorts of trouble. Luckily Lassie is there to help.
28 Oct. 1971
Wings of the Ghost
Ron and Dale and Lassie travel onward and stop for the night to sleep in an old barn that appears to be haunted.
4 Nov. 1971
Ron and Dale return home to the Holden Ranch where Lassie is welcomed by Garth Holden and his foster sons. The ranch is a working ranch and a foster home for boys. Lassie helps a withdrawn little boy who never knew his parents.
11 Nov. 1971
Orphan of the Wild
A mother raccoon with two babies is attacked by a wolf. The babies hide. The mother goes into the river and is washed downstream. Lassie finds the baby raccoons.
18 Nov. 1971
Day of Disaster
Ron and Lassie go to town to get a gift for Garth. When an earthquake hits, Ron is knocked unconscious and Lassie escapes from the truck. While Lassie helps other animals inconvenienced by the quake,.Garth helps Ron search for Lassie.
25 Nov. 1971
The Schemer
When Ron and Lassie return home from a trip, they find that Mike has adopted a raccoon. The raccoon is jealous of Lassie. Soon Lassie and Rags are feuding, which endangers both of them when a fire breaks out on a house construction site.
2 Dec. 1971
The Flying Grandpa
Mike befriends Henry Newton, an elderly man who flies a plane at airshows under the name of "The Flying Grandpa." Henry's tales of his own bravery during his air stunts impress Mike but seem to be untrue when a bear charges Henry and Mike.
12 Dec. 1971
Mustang: Part 1
While checking range land's suitability for grazing cattle, Garth and Dale see a young white stallion challenge the older black leader for dominance. .When the white stallion wins and drives the injured black stallion away, Lassie tries to lead him to safety.
19 Dec. 1971
Mustang: Part 2
Back at the Holden Ranch Garth and Dale leave food and water for the black stallion and hope he will choose to live at the ranch. The stallion once more visits his herd then accepts his new reality and returns to the ranch.

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