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The Actresses Who Have Played Catwoman

Rosie Knight Nov 15, 2019

We look at each of the actors who've played Catwoman on screen from Julie Newmar in Batman '66 to the recently announced Zoe Kravitz.

Ever since her first appearance under the moniker "The Cat" in 1940's Batman #1, Catwoman has clawed her way into comic book history as one of the most memorable characters ever created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Over the years Selina Kyle has become a fan favorite rogue as both an antagonist and love interest for Bruce Wayne. The pair has not only been crossing proverbial swords for almost 80 years but in the wild world of DC Comics they've also had a (non-canon) child together, almost gotten married, and often teamed up for the better of Gotham City. That Bat and Cat dynamic is an enduring one, and it's about to get a reimaging with the announcement that Zoe Kravitz will take on
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Disney, Showtime Vets Aim to Take TV Comedy Back to the Future

A pair of industry veterans are launching a production company aimed at providing family-friendly, escapist comedy to TV viewers.

Former Home Improvement and Suite Life of Zack and Cody writer-producer Billy Riback and producer and author Steve Rubin (Showtime's Bleacher Bums, Hallmark's Silent Night) have founded Anagram Flims (yes, "Flims"). The duo has partnered with the estate of producer Jack Chertok (The Lone Ranger, My Favorite Martian) to develop a remake of Chertok's 1960s sitcom My Living Doll titled My Perfect Man.

Riback and Rubin are also shopping several other projects, including To Live and Dye in L.A., about ...
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Attack of the Puppet People

All hail Bert I. Gordon, who singlehandedly carved out his own niche in ‘fifties monster folklore, and even won a battle or two against those sharpies at A.I.P.. His puppet people were originally just ‘Fantastic,’ but they had to be made into a menace with the “A” word usually reserved for icky poo Giant Leeches, Crab Monsters and 50-Foot Women.

Attack of the Puppet People


Scream Factory

1958 / B&W / 1:85 widescreen / 79 min. / The Fantastic Puppet People, Six Inches Tall, I Was a Teenage Doll, War of the Puppet People / Street Date November 14, 2017 / 27.99

Starring: John Agar, John Hoyt, June Kenney, Susan Gordon, Michael Mark, Kack Kosslyn, Marlene Willis, Ken Miller, Laurie Mitchell, Scott Peters, June Jocelyn, Hank Patterson.

Cinematography: Ernest Laszlo

Special Effects: Bert I. Gordon, Flora M. Gordon

Original Music: Albert Glasser

Written by George Worthing Yates

Story, Produced & Directed by Bert I. Gordon

It’s easy
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1952 / Black and White / 1:33 / Street Date October 10, 2017

Starring Orson Welles, Suzanne Cloutier, Micheál MacLiammóir

Cinematography by G.R. Aldo, Anchise Brizzi, George Fanto, Alberto Fusi, Oberdan Troiani

Written by William Shakespeare (Adapted by Orson Welles)

Edited by Jenö Csepreghy, Renzo Lucidi, William Morton, Jean Sacha

Produced by Orson Welles, Julien Derode

Directed by Orson Welles

Shakespeare didn’t invent Orson Welles but he did define him; it can be said that if any one director took arms against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it was the man behind Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil and Chimes at Midnight. The 1952 production of Othello is exhibit A.

Filmed over a turbulent three year period in and around Morocco, Venice and Rome, Welles was bedeviled by an ever-changing cast and crew resulting in reshoots by five different cinematographers and assembled by four different editors. The sound recording was a joke.
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Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies

I have a curious habit, maybe you have it too, if you are a real movie geek, film fan, cinema addict, what have you.

A certain number of movies that I have seen and loved with all my heart were losers at the box office or were mercilessly slammed by critics, usually both. This doesn’t happen all the time, mind you. I know a bad movie when I see one. But several times I have seen a movie on opening day and loved it so much I was sure it would be a big hit and be loved by critics and film goers, nope, not all the time.

Here then is my own personal and highly eccentric top ten list, with some honorable mentions, of movies that lost out, yet I love them still, many of them desperately, hysterically, madly do I love these films, well anyway… let me tell you about it.
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The Mechanical Bride (2012)

Directed and written by: Allison de Fren

Narrated by: Julie Newmar

It is no secret that I have somewhat of an obsession with RealDolls – the $6,000 life-size sex toy – and the whole idea/fetish surrounding them. I'm constantly hunting down films that creatively explore the topic, such as Love Object, Lars and the Real Girl and Air Doll. So, when I saw the trailer for The Mechanical Bride, Allison de Fren's documentary on the topic, I knew I had to see it.

As is often the case with "pop" documentaries about alternative lifestyles and sexuality, I was expecting The Mechanical Bride either to rely on shock value by exploiting its participants for entertainment purposes or to take a critical/judgmental approach to the topic. I'm happy to report that was I wrong.

Instead, de Fren takes an anthropological approach, skillfully providing an overview of this fascinating "fetish" while trying to
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Interviews: Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar at 2010 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

Chicago – The Wizard World Chicago Comic Con was another huge success this past summer, gathering together comic and pop culture fans. One of the highlights of the event was the reunion of Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman) from the 1960s Batman TV show.

West and Ward did a special Q&A with attendees in a huge ball room (highlights below) and Julie Newmar sat down with for an in-depth interview of her long career. All sat for photographs with Joe Arce.

Adam West and Burt Ward of “Batman

Adam West and Burt Ward will always be the legendary crime fighting duo, Batman and Robin. The original run of the ABC-tv series was from 1966-68, beginning with the unique two episode a week run. Batmania exploded in the U.S. during the time, reviving the Dark Knight for future incarnations. Ward is currently retired from acting,
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Never-Before-Seen Images of the original Catwoman Julie Newmar

Hey gang! Before Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer took on the role of the beautiful Batman character Catwoman there was Julie Newmar, the first actress to play the character in the original 1960's TV series. These never-before-seen photos of the actress come from a photo shoot wth Life magazine that was never published while the actress was still up and coming.

Back in October 1958, well before she ever donned a pair of cat whiskers or rolled the “r” in the word “perfect,” Julie Newmar (aka TV’s Catwoman) was an up-and-coming star about to embark on a high-profile photo shoot for one of the world’s biggest magazines, some of them never seen before until being published in this gallery. It was an afternoon that Newmar, then 25, still remembers vividly. Newmar, who is soon to publish a new book, The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth (available for sale through
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