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What an excellent show!!!!!!!!
itsmrbigtoyou9 October 2006
In the tradition of ''Dallas'', ''Knots Landing'', ''Dynasty'' and ''Dynasty II: The Colby's'', comes ''Paper Dolls''. A lively Mini-series set in the hustle of ''Big Apple City'' New York. The show focuses mainly on the Manhattan part of the city and tells the story of the lives of Racine and Grayson, two very powerful executives in a modelings agency. The show lasted for only one season and is now considered by many viewers as a mini-series. The show star's: Lloyd Bridges from 1980's ''Airplane'', Jennifer Warren, Brenda Vaccaro from ''Airport '77'' and ''Supergirl'', Mimi Rogers from ''The Austin Power's Movie's'', Dack Rambo from TV's ''Dallas'', Terry Farrell, daughter of TV's ''M#A#S#H's'' Mike Farrell, Richard Beymer and introducing Nicollette Sheridan from TV's ''Knots Landing'' and ''Desperate Housewive's''. The series began with a three-hour long pilot movie in 1982 with some of the original cast members from this spin-away series, plus with ''Dynasty's'' very own Alexis Carrington: Joan Collins. This series is sure to please all, if you can find it, enjoy it. Let's hope for a DVD release someday soon. Apparently, the series was axed because of rising expense cost's. At the time of it's beginning, it was one of the most expensive series to produce at the time.
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An engaging look at the dark side of the fashion industry
wgranger18 May 2006
I thought Paper Dolls was a pretty entertaining soap opera as far as this genre goes. There were plenty of conflicts and drama to hold one's attention during its brief run. Some big names were featured here such as Lloyd Bridges, Dack Rambo, Brenda Vaccaro, etc. However, some of the characters were fairly clichéd such as Brenda Vaccaro's role as the greedy hard-driving mother. On the other hand, Morgan Fairchild was perfect in her role as head of a model agency and I would put her performance up there with with other notable femmes fatales.

I think the reason Paper Dolls did not last longer than a year was twofold: fashion industry tends not to draw male viewers, and the American public was starting to tire of prime time soaps after Dallas and Dynasty. Even with its shortcomings, it still made for an entertaining hour.
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Models, the Mob and Mayhem
gothamciti15 February 2006
This was a hoot of a show. And yes, too bad it only lasted for 13 episodes including the 2-hour pilot. It certainly showed a lot of promise. It was also disconcerting that it ended so abruptly with plot lines that were never resolved including a stalker, an impending takeover and the missing at sea (current) Mrs. Grant Harper. Fun cast too with Mimi Rogers, Lauren Hutton, the young Terri Farrel and Nicolette Sheridan, and of course the seemingly ageless Ms. Fairchild. The quips and barbs were fast and loose. The clothes were mind numbingly awful(With the exception of the pieces showed by Mr. Michael Volbracht). And all the shenanigans too fun. One particular favorite line of mine on this show was delivered by scion Wesley (played by the late Dack Rambo): Ah, the Harper family dinner - forks on the left, knives in the back. back
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Short-lived 80s soap opera
tex-425 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the 1982 TV movie of the same name, Paper Dolls centers around two teenage models, one veteran and one newcomer, as they deal with the glamorous/scandalous world of modeling. The show also follows the exploits of the Harper family, with patriarch Grant who is the chairman of Harper Worldwide, scheming brother Wesley, aging model Blair and her husband, the qausi-successful sportswear designer, David Fenton.

The standout of the show though is Morgan Fairchild as Racine, the owner of the modeling agency. She gets most of the show's best lines, and plays the devilish Racine wonderfully.

The show itself is a standard soap opera with meddling parents, stalkers, characters having affairs with each other, kidnappings and the like. It's an enjoyable show, though a weakness would be that there are too many characters and plot lines, so some plots seem rushed, while others drag out. Overall though, the show is well worth a look.
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1980's glam and style with high class and drama!!
canonxls14 December 2018
From Television Movie to TV Show. Paper Dolls is a great show with an amazing cast that was sadly cut short. Follow the life of modeling in the 1980's. throw in the shoulder pads and big hair and drama and this is "Paper Dolls!" If you like 80's fashion and drama then watch this show!

The show should have made it and never been taken off the air after only 13 episodes. The network left us all with a final cliffhanger episode just to add to the sting of canceling the show. Well worth the 13 episode watch however!
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