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Sex & Nudity

  • A busty woman distracts an old man by unzipping her overalls a bit and revealing some cleavage. She then forces the old man to put his head on her cleavage. This is not really explicit apart from the first glimpse of her cleavage (no nudity though) and is played for laughs.
  • In typical Bond fashion, there are silhouettes of nude and/or scantily clad women dancing during the opening credits.
  • Unlike most (if not all) Bond films, Bond does not sleep with the Bond girl, Kara, and in fact has a unique relationship with her.
  • A few mild references.
  • Bond and Kara kiss passionately in several scenes with him lying on top of her. Sex may be slightly implied.
  • A building falls down around two men while they are naked and they run away. Their buttocks are visible but no other private parts.
  • James tears the clothing from a woman to distract a guard, revealing her left breast (only seen from the side for a couple of seconds). He throws her clothes back to her and she then runs to the bathroom with only her underwear and her clothes clasped to her chest.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a large battle between Russian troops and Afghan men, with lots of heavy gunfire and several explosions. Lots of men are shot and killed, a goon is beaten up by Kara, and another goon is knocked off of a truck. Another vehicle is blown up in a large explosion.
  • Bond fights a group of men in a prison, and he knocks one over and hits and kicks him. Another man tackles him into a desk and they continue to struggle, and a woman knocks another man out with a bucket. Bond knocks the man into a cell, and she's the door on his arm (some blood shown).
  • Bond shoots a sniper, wounding them, but the wound isn't seen.
  • Two men fight in a kitchen and punch and kick each other, and one's face is burned on a grill, and he's knocked out, with blood seen on his face.
  • A man shoots another man point blank, throws another man off a cliff, and shoots a third man, and bloody holes are briefly visible on the men who were shot.
  • Bond struggles with a man inside a truck, and the truck drives off a cliff. Bond parachutes out as the truck hits water and explodes.
  • Bond punches a guard and knocks him out.
  • There's a car chase through hills in Russia, and one car is cut in half. Several men fire guns at a car, a shack is blown up, and another car falls through a frozen lake.
  • Bond disarms a man and knocks him out of a stationary plane, and fires an automatic weapon men outside, causing them to scatter.
  • An animal heart is shown being preserved in a medical cooler. Brief but mild gore.
  • A car explodes.
  • A man gets shot with a large rifle, some blood is seen.
  • A bomb is dropped onto a bridge and it blows up a tank and collapses the bridge.
  • An army official is killed by a 'Smiert Spionam' assassin with a silenced pistol, and blood spurts out the wound.
  • Two men are non-graphically strangled.
  • Necros throws several explosive milk bottles and kills some men.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bond and Leiter drink one on occasion.
  • Bond brings a man a bottle of wine.
  • During a meeting men smoke, including Bond.
  • Some use of tobacco, protagonist smokes.
  • The film's climax focuses on drugs for weapons trade.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Bond beats a man with his gun and threatens to kill him, then assaults his mistress when the man signals for security. This entire scene is quite tense.
  • The scene where one woman suffocates a man with her cleavage may be seen as disturbing to some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a shootout in an office between Bond and Whitaker, and Whitaker fires several automatic weapons at Bond, destroying the office. He dons body armor, and Bond's bullets bounce off him. He activates a small rocket inside which crashes through the office but misses Bond, and Bond detonates a small explosive and knocks a column over on him, killing him.
  • A man is shot several times, and bloody holes are seen as well as blood on his shirt, but it's revealed that this was staged.
  • Bond and Necros fight in a plane, and the cargo falls out and hangs off the plane, and they hang on and continue to fight until Necros falls to his death.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman makes martinis for her and a man. He drinks his, but passed out since it was poisoned.

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