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happy memories
acewoodart1 February 2006
It may not appeal to many viewers but I have always loved this film. To me it really captures the energy that being out on the slopes generates. There have been some awful reviews but its a comedy, its bound to be a little stupid & it gets my vote every time. There are many scenes that get me laughing each time & i've had the same VHS for years, since it was out in the video stores. My favourite if i had to choose would be the singing contest that Stanley and the ice man storm with their vibrant energy & hilarious attitude. I'm an art student and its a favourite of all my friends. My only complaint is that its not on DVD, all the out-takes, bloopers, interviews (there must have been some) and all the extras that everyone loves on DVD. Its a must see & don't compare it to conventional comedy thats now so old hat that its not funny anymore, this is a film that stands out on its own & deserves more respect than it had before. Re-release it on DVD please!
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A real kick in the pants
jmclapp2618 November 2005
It may really suck but I loved it! Police academy type movie with ski patrolers instead of cops! I really loved the horrible jokes played on each other and the horrible 80's fashion. It really cracks me up! Then again, my parents were ski patrolers and I grew up around 'em. AND the first time I watched the movie was when i was 8 :) (that always makes a horrible movie into a good one!) Personally, I found this movie much more amusing than some current "dumb funny movies". Besides, there really aren't too many ski movies that aren't a "teenage party" movie- or at least that i've ran in to

I finally found a copy at Goodwill and I bought it! Now I finally have a copy and wont have to keep renting it at the video store.
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Won't win an Oscar, but it's fun to watch
KarateBoyBiff29 December 2012
If you prefer movies that make you think and challenge your mind and opinions in ways you didn't think possible, stay away from this movie. If you like movies that are filled with political incorrectness and mindless fun, have at it.

This movie was made in a more innocent time when people could make a movie without worrying if someone would complain about being politically incorrect. The same time when most of my favorite movies were made. For some who are concerned about this type of thing, there are times when they poke fun at characters for different things (for example one of them being bothered by being short) but it's more of good natured teasing than spiteful attacks.

One of the most memorable characters would have to be an individual by the name of suicide who has a few screws loose and does some outlandish things while trying to feel a rush.

I saw this movie for the first time when I was 19, and it's remained one of my favorites of all time. Not because it has in in depth and compelling story, because it doesn't. It was made during a time when a movie could be about next to nothing and still be good. For example, Breakfast Club was about 5 kids in detention. This movie is good, light hearted fun that I can watch again and again.
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Trash but I love it!
francesmhill12 April 2018
I saw this movie years ago, when I had no idea what was going on, and I loved it. I've just watched it again for an article I was writing and damn, it's trash!

But it's wonderfully sill trash and everyone with a silly 90's sense of humor will enjoy it. It's not as funny as it should be, and they miss so many tricks that I think are obvious, but hey, it's all easy in hindsight I suppose.

I won't write too much here as it'll ruin my article!, but it really is worth a watch if you don't take things too seriously!
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Cult Classic B-Comedy that needs to be Released on DVD!!
benbe833 September 2010
Why is Ski Patrol not on DVD??? It is a true classic of the perhaps cheesy and clichéd, but wonderfully fun and endearing genre group of 1980s/early-90s B-Comedies.

This movie is pure, silly, unironic fun - it's hard to find a movie like this these days. George Lopez is great in his first acting role - And everyone needs to see Paul Feig's MJ-inspired dance sequence. He tears it up! As well as his onstage performance with 'Iceman' to win the talent show and thus save the Ski Patrol from the evil young blond yuppie Lance and his devious developer boss. Intrigued? That's what I thought - Ski Patrol is the ultimate B-Comedy cult film, the genre that the DVD format was made for!! Let's see a release soon, eh? - taste death, live life!
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o man
regalprlm9 April 2005
one of my favorite movie memories as a child was this movie i would watch this movie over and over again. it was pure comic genius to me as a ten year old boy. nineteen ninety was a good year for me in cinema i got ski patrol and mad house in the same year. how can you beat that but this is also coming from a guy at 10 who also loved RAD and ultra man well i changed my views in movies since then but i still love the hell out of ski patrol. i just watched it the other day on some movie channel and it still had the same charm for me as it did when i was ten. there is no doubt my classics are my classics. lest we forget about willow either. which is still on my all time top 10 list
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Notable Only For Being Out Of Print
Squonkamatic9 September 2007
Not sure what the hell I was thinking but I dug out an old rental tape of this movie that somehow wound up in my collection and watched it last night. Life is short, ninety minutes of one's existence may not seem like a long time but there will probably come a point in my life where I will regret having invested the time needed to let this movie play, though I may not remember the title.

The movie is an interesting study in failure, actually. There's some decent talent involved: Ray Walston out-classes everyone else in the film as "Pops", the owner of a ski resort that scurrilous Martin Mull tries to swindle away from him. Ubiquitous 80s "token black guy" actor T.K. Carter -- an effective presence in stuff like THE THING and SOUTHERN COMFORT -- puts on the Stepin Fetchit routine for a couple of musical numbers where he karaoke's along with a boom box system, aping black performers like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Little Richard ... One wonders if he was aware of the characiture he was manipulated into creating.

The oblique racist attitudes in the film continue with George Lopez doing a Rodney Dangerfield impersonation to amuse a young Latino tyke who doesn't get the joke until Lopez repeats it in Spanish. Then there is the family of vacationing Japanese tourists with their cameras who jabber excitedly to one another in their own language & snap pictures of the same things. There's also a "little person" ski patrol supervisor who's diminutive stature is the butt of several potentially cruel jokes. Perhaps one of the redeeming qualities of the film is that it's a repository of the innocently offensive pre-political correctness era. There's even a PETA baiting sequence where mice are somewhat callously handled on screen before being released en-masse to disrupt an awards banquet.

There were a couple of unintentionally funny moments like the bad guy "preppie" ski patrol members decked out in their intricately patterned fashion sweaters during a fireside discussion scene, as well as a climactic trashing of a giant wiener mobile on skis. I'm not sure they were meant to be funny but they provided the sole bright spots in the film, which to me looked like a colossal waste of talent, time, and money. The budget for the film was modest but could have been used to feed starving 3rd worlders or maybe build a school for disadvantaged American kids crowded into classrooms staffed by ineffectual teachers. Instead, someone bankrolled this movie, which quickly went out of print.

If you read the other comments posted here one theme is shared by those with a favorable opinion of the film, which is nostalgia. Most of them encountered the film as kids or as home video rental choices, which is really the only purpose I can see for the film even existing in the first place. Then again if the plug line "From the creator of POLICE ACADEMY" doesn't make you cringe with disdain there's probably nothing that could dissuade you from wasting your own time watching it. For the most part the movie is a harmless waste of time that probably won't win over any new converts and as an out-of-print video title unavailable on DVD still provides some curiosity value.

What's most curious, however, is the apparent enthusiasm that most of the cast displays while on-screen. Nobody behaves in a rational or realistic manner, everything is all gonzo, hyperactive and unreal, festooned with a sheen of late 1980s fashion sensibilities that make one wonder what the hell we were collectively thinking back then. SKI PATROL is thusly a repository of out of date ideas, fashions and values that hopefully won't ever be revisited by our culture, though it is always great to see Ray Walston owning some hotshot covered with spilled mustard.

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One Really funny scene
Bobbo-315 December 1998
This movie didn't score well at the Oscars and there's no doubt why. It is a stupid movie but I did laugh at one scene. It's when Murray, a short ski-instructor, who's about 5'4" is given some growth formula from his intructees. They switch the hem on his pants and lower the height line on his wall to make him believe that he's actually growing. One night at a bar Murray decides to go off at how tall he is and that's when the guys really get him. Murray awakes to find that he's too big for his own bed. He bursts through the ceiling of an Elf's Dorm beside a Santa display screaming as the jokers take pictures of him. This ONE scene almost saves the entire movie.
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Ski Patrol NOW on DVD!!!
today201227 November 2009
After over a decade of searching for this movie... I have finally found it available on DVD. I am letting you know the website only because I know there are many people who value and cherish this movie, and will do whatever they can to help others who have been searching over the years. I do not know much about the company, but I received (2) copies within 2 weeks of placing the order. The video quality is rough, but it matches the 80's style of the movie anyway.

Ski Patrol is the true cult classic for any 1980's skier who idolizes Glen Plake, the glory of the 215cm straight skis, and the power of Neon at its prime.

check it out at classic time video dot com;)

"Live life, taste death"
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Would've called it 'Ski Academy' if they could've got away with it.
ArmandTanzarian12 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film is basically one of the poorer 'Police Academy' sequels on skis with the usual rag-tag bunch of 'hilarious' oddballs. Watch this film if you like seeing someone out of control on their skis shooting down a mountain going "Whooooaaaa...AHHHH..WHHHHOOOAAA etc" every 4 minutes. Haven't seen this for some time but if I remember correctly a hot-dog cabin or something takes a slide at some point. As per Police Academy there's the 'badguy' rival who is trying to get our heroes shut down. I think they end up entering a dancing/singing competition or something in the local bar cos they need to raise money to save the 'ski patrol' or something like that. As is always the way the local bar offers a prize massively out of proportion to what the bar would hope to make from the extra custom such an event attracts;like $10,000 or something instead of a few free drinks that you get at such things in real life. Watch this if you love your 80's style 'screwball' ensemble cast comedies and have watch 'Police Academy 1-8' too many times, or if you are traumatised by a near fatal 'runaway ski' accident and watching 20+ recreations of your accident in a humorous context will help you get over it.
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That ending really cuts the cheese *(spoilers)**
vertigo_1410 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this movie for 80 cents and was pretty disappointed.

I was expecting something even remotely funny. Crude, but funny like Police Academy (made by the same folks). It had Ray Walston, a cute dog that farts and belches, a psycho named 'Suicide'(comparable to Bill Murray in Caddyshack), and an obnoxious, yet funny ski patrol supervisor.

The plot is simple: the "bad guys"--a land developer looking to take over the popular ski resort owned by the "good guys" uses his evildoer ski team to sabotage the resort so they'd flunk the safety inspection.

The movie has its funny moments at times. A few quick wit jokes here and there (and I do emphasize few). There's the running gag about the psychotic skier who tries all these downhill methods in order to "taste death while living life." And there's the short ski patrol supervisor who is convinced that he is getting taller (I liked pretty much any of the scenes with him in it as he may've been the only saving grace to the movie), and T.K. Carter was funny. But there's not enough going on with the plot. In fact, about 80% of the movie is just long scenes of downhill racing or downhill hijinks and of course, dancing (as it was made in the 1980s).

Unfortunately, the movie is not all that funny and not all the fun to watch, no matter how much of stupid comedy it is. And to top it off, the climax was just plain ridiculous.

***SPOILERS*** The short guy gets stuck on a mountain when he swerves his snowmobile to avoid a tree knocked over by 'Suicide'. He's left hanging on the mountain, and soon enough, so is the dog. Yep. Just dangling there, even when he moves around too much.

Martin Mull, the slimeball character, gets stuck in a hot dog snack stand which had broken loose from the platform and floated downhill and, what do you know, conveniently stops just before the end of the cliff. So Jerry, the glory boy of the ski patrol first ties a rope to the thin wired flag (like an antennea on your car hood) first and then hangs on to the rope before tying it to a wimpy tree. All this, while Mull is moving around enough that the damn hot dog stand would have fallen over. I'm not saying they had to be so realistic, but at least pay attention to detail. And the final scene is a chase where somehow, Jerry manages to hog tie the ski team leader that sabotaged them without ever having to make any sort of knot. The rest of the film may not have been so bad, but the ending is just plain horrible.

Could the sequel be better?
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The best thing about this movie...
Trent193728 November 2005
I saw the movie when it first came out...I was a kid so of course it was hilarious. Now it just has it's moments. It was the original Out Cold. Same plot, different actors. Only to me Out Cold was more fun. The best thing about it this movie to me is that some of the music used in the movie is by Steve Morse Band. Being a huge Steve Morse Band fan you could put a song by them in the worst movie of all time and I'd watch it just to hear Steve Morse Band. Overall I'd say give it a chance because there are a few funny scenes. I caught it on satellite and had a few laughs but not like when I was a kid. But if it's between this and Out Cold (2001), I'd go with Out Cold if you want a funny movie.(Unless you're a SMB fan!)
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Lame-brained comedy is like the rest!
emm6 December 1998
Those goofy comedy movies like SKI PATROL still get on my nerves real bad! It's not funny at all, and just to prove it, the same old formula used in other comedies of this type gets ultimately tiring. Every time, we're bombarded with the lame jokes, endless runs of classic 50s / 60s oldies tunes, and too much horsing around. I had not gotten a single laugh out of this one. There are far better movies than SKI PATROL, and because they don't duplicate the same old formula thousands of times over. For Comedy Central lovers only!
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Only if we all f*ck up real bad will they ever make a Ski Patrol II, or III
jessegehrig5 March 2015
Who even watches a Ski movie anyway? Why make one, are you trying to sell me a time-share in Breckenridge or Aspen? It's like a PG movie, as in zero cussing and zero nudity. What is the f*cking point of skiing related comedy at a PG rating? What could possibly be the pay off? The many fans of this movie are lucky lucky people, they have f*cking Ski Patrol to enrich their lives. Is George Lopez in this movie? Yeah, I just checked, he is, that's him, you can see him there, he'll f*cking live there forever, living in Ski Patrol. I mean, I'm watching the movie, and I can't help but wonder 'what the f*ck happened Ski Patrol?' just wondering it over and over again almost like a mantra, 'what the f*ck happened Ski Patrol?' Did you mean for this movie to be Ski Patrol?
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Does anybody have a sanitary napkin?
Quinoa198414 May 2000
This movie is stupid. I usually like stupid movies (Dumb and Dumber, Police Academy, Plan 9 from Outer Space), but this, takes the stupid cake. This movie is so bad, only Dan Quale on NyQuil could remotely figure out. I wanted to like it, but it's just Police Academy on skis. And it gets dumber every time I see it. Some fun, but it comes as slow as a turtle walking while eating a quailude. C- (C- because it's so bad, its sometimes good).
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A brilliantly good time!
Certified_Teacher3 March 2012
I saw Ski Patrol for the first time as roughly a fifth grader in about 92 on one of the premium channels at a friend's house who had an old school projection television. Those circumstances set the scene for the innocence and nostalgia that comes to mind when I see this film again as a working professional. Perhaps without having seen this excellent movie under said circumstances, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much considering the early nineties fashion and overall cheesiness of the film. Ski Patrol is dated, but really good. It makes me wonder why Police Academy had several sequels yet Ski Patrol had none. The answer is box office take, I guess. Anyway, I love this movie! All audiences could take away great enjoyment from it. There is a camaraderie that is present in the Ski patrolers that will capture you. Cool ski stunts interwoven into the storyline will keep your attention. Genuinely funny comedic situations will make you laugh. Breathtaking scenery of the snowy mountains of Utah will capture your eye and make you wish you were there. Let's not forget that skiing makes winter worth it. That is a principal that this film will teach you whether you are a skier or not.
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heaven no ski patrol yes
lmbrunet17 January 2011
Ski patrol is the greatest movie of all time. The perfect combination of slapstick humor mixed in with real life issues.. Raising money, ass grabbers, being short, developers,rocket skis as well wind skiing. These are issues most people deal with on a day to day basis. Without this movie i would have never known how to jump into my skis and save an eight year old girl from skiing into the woods at terminal velocity. If you have ever attended an ugly sweater party you are in debt to this movie. If you have ever shot the hole you are in debt to this movie. If you have ever won a talent show in drag singing dancing in the streets you are in debt to this movie. Any body who has disliked this movie or never seen it has neither tasted death. Nor lived life.
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Fun but stupid movie
martin-5724 November 1998
This is a fun movie. But some of the jokes are quite stupid. If you like this kind of films, such as this and Police Academy you are probably going to love Ski School.
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As big a joke as the sport has become.
yenlo28 February 2001
It's no wonder that the sport of skiing has become the joke it now is when films like this come out. The gags are lame and the overall story line is idiotic. I got the impression that the film maker was trying to make a picture to somehow promote the sport but it obviously didn't produce that result. It wouldn't have been half bad had the slapstick been decent but that all was downhill as well.
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Horrible 80s/90s "comedy"
sweetdeeasp9 October 2018
This movie is so bad. They don't even try to cover up the blatant sexism and racism.
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The Second Best Comedy Ever Made
rlymzv2 January 2016
The Second Best Comedy Ever Made.

The first of course is, "It's a Mad, Mad, World".

This comedy is not stop hilarious. It's even more funny if you've actually been skiing. My favorite character is the guy with, "rocket skis".

If you like the movie, "Airplane" or, "Animal House" you will also like Ski Patrol.

It's sort of the good guys versus bad guys done in a very comical and wintry way.

Everything about this movie is over the top. I highly recommend it. It's great having this movie in my Blu-ray collection.
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