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‘La Llorona’ Review: An Artful Guatemalan Horror Movie About the Ghosts of a Genocide

‘La Llorona’ Review: An Artful Guatemalan Horror Movie About the Ghosts of a Genocide
Reviews of Jayro Bustamante’s “La Llorona” (“The Weeping Woman”) are obligated to mention that this quiet and trembling phantasmagoria about the ghosts of the Guatemalan Civil War has virtually nothing to do with Michael Chaves’ “The Curse of La Llorona,” the schlocky jump-scare machine that Warner Bros. released last spring. Aside from their shared roots in the same piece of Latin American folklore, these two films couldn’t have less in common; one is a slow-burn séance for the victims of a recent genocide, and the other is a PG-13 studio programmer that was only produced because of its ridiculous margins ($122 million in ticket sales against a $9 million budget is a job well done).

And yet, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if critics let their readers assume a more direct connection between these wildly different visions of death. While anyone who subscribes to
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‘La Llorona’ Film Review: Jayro Bustamante Examines Real-Life Historical Horror in Impressive Third Feature

  • The Wrap
‘La Llorona’ Film Review: Jayro Bustamante Examines Real-Life Historical Horror in Impressive Third Feature
For his third and most tonally adventurous feature to date, socially perceptive writer-director Jayro Bustamante repurposes one of Latin America’s most ubiquitous supernatural legends to fiercely examine genocide against indigenous people in his native Guatemala. Invoking genre narrative devices, the entrancingly evocative “La Llorona” (“The Weeping Woman”) walks between fact and myth to engender a shrewdly frightening piece of political horror.

Sadistic military dictator General Enrique Monteverde (Julio Diaz), a fictionalized incarnation of the country’s former president Efraín Ríos Montt, stands accused of sanctioning the murder of thousands of Maya Ixil people in the Central American nation between 1982 and 1983. Battling health complications but still refusing to accept any fault, Monteverde is found guilty thanks to the courageous testimony of Ixil women still mourning their dead. Bustamante shoots the courtroom as a spiritual confessional devoid of natural light.

Notwithstanding the evidence, Monteverde’s accomplices in power swiftly dismiss the verdict against the ailing villain.
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Tremors: Every Monster From The Franchise, Ranked

When Tremors first hit theaters in 1990, there's no way fans could have known that the franchise would still be going strong 30 years later with a seventh film - Tremors: Island Fury - releasing direct-to-video in 2020, like every sequel of the original cult hit has been released.

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With each new film or TV series in the franchise, we've seen a new development in the life cycle of the horribly named monsters known as Graboids. Netflix recently added the entire franchise to its streaming library in anticipation of the new film, and we wanted to take a look at the various monsters from the Tremors franchise to see which version comes out on top!
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Awfully Good: Tremors

  • JoBlo
Happy 30th (!!) anniversary to one of the all-time great B-movies... Tremors (1990) Director: Ron Underwood Stars: Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross Something big is about to wake up underneath the sleepy town of Perfection, Nevada. Tremors was the first B-movie I ever saw as a kid and I credit it with kickstarting my love of awfully good cinema. Without me wearing out my VHS copy of this 1990…
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‘The Scorpion King: Book of Souls’ DVD Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Zach McGowan, Nathan Jones, Peter Mensah, Pearl Thusi, Mayling Ng, Inge Beckmann, Katy Louise Saunders, Howard Charles, Rizelle Januk | Written by David Alton Hedges, Frank DeJohn | Directed by Don Michael Paul

A spin-off from 2001′s Mummy sequel, the Scorpion King series – begun in 2002 – has official now out-lived and outlasted the very franchise it was born from. Stephen Sommers Mummy films ran for 9 years and three films, whilst the Scorpion King franchise is now in it’s fifth film with The Scorpion King: Book of Souls and has gone on for 18 years – with four sequels in the the last decade alone.

This latest comes once again from Universal 1440, the direct to market arm of Universal which has consistently put out direct to DVD sequels to a myriad of different franchises like Death Race, Bring It On, Jarhead, Tremors and more. This film also sees Universal 1440 stalwart Don Michael Paul in the directors chair,
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Does it Seem Like Kevin Bacon Takes Almost Every Role He’s Offered?

Some might claim that Kevin Bacon just really likes acting, but there’s got to be a good reason that Tremors the TV show didn’t pick up again with Val McKee as the lead. If there is though Michael Kennedy of ScreenRant isn’t telling since there a lot of personal theories out there as to why it didn’t happen, but myself and a few others are breathing sighs of relief at the moment that it didn’t. The Tremors story has gone way off the rails at this point even if it was a logical thing to happen. Of course if you

Does it Seem Like Kevin Bacon Takes Almost Every Role He’s Offered?
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The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2020

The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2020
Netflix pulled out all the stops towards the end of 2019, as the company launched the most robust slate of awards season titles in its brief history. Of course, the Oscar gold rush doesn’t leave the streamer or any of its competitors with much to offer at the start of the new year, and so Netflix’s January is extremely light on original fare.

To make up for it, the company is offering a grab bag of irrefutable favorites, many of which feed into current awards campaigns in one way or another. Anyone still high off the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” fumes will be happy to find “Catch Me if You Can” and “Kill Bill” back on the platform, while “Joker” fans can parse “The Master” for shades of Arthur Fleck. Other gems, like Hikari’s “37 Seconds” and Max Joseph’s criminally dismissed “We Are Your Friends” are
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‘Bulletproof 2′ DVD Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Faizon Love, Kirk Fox, Tony Todd, Pearl Thusi, Cassie Clare, Fiona Ramsay | Written by Rick Wilkes | Directed by Don Michael Paul

Back in February 2019, when I reviewed Benchwarmers 2 I speculated that Universal’s Dtv arm Universal 1440 Entertainment were scraping the bottom of the barrel. How little did I know… Yes, after being set up to produce sequels to Universal’s properties such as Death Race, Tremors and The Scorpion King, the company has in recent years has churned out sequels to Kindergarten Cop, Daddy Day Care, Cop and a Half, Honey, Bring it On and even Backdraft. Oh, and last November’s out-of-nowhere sequel to Undercover Brother.

But in no way did I or anyone else for that matter, Ever expect Bulletproof 2, a sequel to the 1996 Adam Sandler film Bulletproof. After all, it’s been 24(!) years since the original film was released and both its stars Adam
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The Entire Tremors Franchise Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Happy New Year, Tremors fans! Those who love the long-running monster franchise will be delighted to know that all six installments are now currently streaming on Netflix. Talk about a great way to kick off the new decade, eh?

Those titles available to watch on the service are as follows:

Tremors Tremors 2: Aftershocks Tremors 3: Back to Perfection Tremors 4: The Legend Begins Tremors 5: Bloodlines Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell

While diehard fans are very familiar with these entries, more casual viewers may not know how prolific the series is. Following the original 1990 feature, every subsequent sequel has been a direct-to-video release and the follow-ups have been captivating audiences for three decades now, with respective releases in 1996, 2001, 2004, 2015 and 2018.

New Tremors 7 Set Photos Reveal First Look At 3 From Hell Star Richard Brake 1 of 5

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The franchise is now
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Netflix Added A Ton Of Great Horror Movies Today For 2020

New year, and a host of new Netflix additions to match.

While subscribers are currently mourning the loss of Friends – after going dark today, January 1st, the beloved sitcom won’t be available until HBO Max arrives in May – Netflix has today rolled out a bevy of fresh TV shows and movies to keep us entertained, including some truly unmissable horror properties.

From Event Horizon to Cloverfield, The Amityville Horror to the Tremors franchise, Netflix’s horror category has officially been restocked. There’s plenty to choose from, too, including the 2002 rendition of The Ring, which only makes us long for a competent retelling of the Japanese horror legend to right the wrongs of Rings (2017). At least we have the upcoming Grudge reboot to look forward to on Friday (or January 24th if you happen to be located in the United Kingdom).

Per What’s on Netflix, here’s the comprehensive list of new additions,
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Netflix schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in January 2020

Netflix has confirmed that 56 new original series, movies and specials will be debuting on the streaming service in January. Leading off the lineup are the final seasons of some of the biggest shows on Netflix, including the Emmy-winning animated series “BoJack Horseman,” the family favorite “Anne With an E” and the Ashton Kutcher comedy series “The Ranch.”

Among those shows launching their first seasons in the first month of the year are the Tyler Perry family drama “A Fall From Grace,” the sly satire “Medical Police” and the crime thriller “The Stranger.”

Also look for the sophomore edition of the British import “Sex Education,” season 3 of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and season 6 of “Grace & Frankie” with real-life pals Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Below is the full schedule of everything that is coming and leaving Netflix in January 2020.

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Zhuo-Ning Su’s Top 10 Films of 2019

Following our top 50 films of 2019, we’re sharing personal top 10 lists from our contributors. Check out the latest below and see our complete year-end coverage here.

Arguably the defining film discourse this year was ignited when Martin Scorsese compared Marvel movies to theme parks. Fans got defensive, which is understandable given the passionate, apparently inexhaustible love for Iron Man & Co. But when you take a look at the box office receipts of 2019, you realize it’s the moviegoers of this world who seem to have decided (with their wallets) that everything else they find at the cinemas are not movies.

This is not to suggest that no non-Marvel films did well financially. But that is becoming more and more the exception and the general consumer preference has gotten so lopsided it’s hard not to read it as a categorical rejection of anything original, unfamiliar, not based on pre-existing IP.
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What’s Coming to Netflix in January 2020

  • Variety
What better way to celebrate the New Year than by settling into the couch with a Netflix marathon? Get nostalgic about the early ’00s with Hilary Duff in “A Cinderella Story,” or get inspired to cook with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in “Julie & Julia.” Both titles are headed to the streaming service early next month.

A few classics are also coming to the site, including two “Lord of the Rings” pics, the complete “Kill Bill” saga and “American Beauty.”

New seasons of several highly anticipated Netflix originals will also hit the streamer like “Sex Education,” “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” “Grace and Frankie” and the second half of “BoJack Horseman’s” final season, dropping at the end of the month.

See the full list of titles below:

Jan. 1

Ghost Stories


Nisman: Death of a Prosecutor

Spinning Out

The Circle


A Cinderella Story

American Beauty

Catch Me If You
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Tremors 7 Wraps Production, Michael Gross Shares Final Set Photo

  • MovieWeb
Tremors 7 Wraps Production, Michael Gross Shares Final Set Photo
That's a wrap! Star Michael Gross has revealed that Tremors 7 has finished filming. The seventh installment of the long-running creature-filled franchise had been shooting in Thailand but now it's in the books, which means we're poised to see some new Graboid action coming our way in 2020. In addition to revealing that filming has wrapped up, Gross also shared a final set photo.

Michael Gross shared the update to his Facebook page. The photo features the actor, who plays the gun-loving Burt Gummer, a role he's played since the original was released in 1990. The photo sees Gross gathered together with many of his fellow cast members, including Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder, who is getting in on the action this time around. Gross shared the photo with the following caption.

"That's a Wrap!!! Tremors 7 has completed filming in Thailand, and here are a few of the cast and production team who made it possible,
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Tremors 7 Has Now Wrapped Filming

Remember yesterday when we said how much Kevin Bacon still wants to make his own Tremors reboot? And that the Tremors direct-to-video sequel series was still in production? Well, apropos of the latter point, there’s been a big update now.

Filming on the prospective seventh film in the franchise, Tremors: Island Fury (also known as Tremors 7), has wrapped, ahead of a mooted release date somewhere in 2020. Bet you’re quaking with excitement, as it’s going to rock your home cinema. You’ll be trembling at the thought of it. Ok, I’m out of puns. Turns out there are only so many shaky jokes you can make (and I used that one in the previous article. Bummer).

One of the project’s principal stars, Michael Gross, took to Facebook to announce the news today, saying:

“That’s a Wrap!!! Tremors 7 has completed filming in Thailand, and here are
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Kevin Bacon Says He Still Wants To Do A Tremors Reboot

You may not be aware of this, but when he finds spare time, ad-man Kevin Bacon maintains a steady side-career as an actor. Good for him. Advertising is like waitering for film stars – no one could sustain a decent standard of living on it, not even celebrities. And yes, this has all been very, very serious.

The real reason I’m here discussing the work of the actor-man Kevin Bacon though lies in a cult 90s mon-com (monster comedy? Might catch on) he starred in. Tremors may never have shaken the box office, grossing just $16.6 million against an $11 million budget. But that didn’t prevent it from creating a micro-franchise of its own – spawning 5 direct-to-video sequels (they still count) and a short-lived TV series. Recently, Bacon oversaw a new pilot, with the intention of developing a brand new Tremors show.

Speaking with Variety, the star of Apollo 13 and many,
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Netflix Is Adding Tons Of Great Horror Movies In January

Another month, another smattering of new Netflix titles to sift through. And it seems the online streamer is kicking off 2020 with a host of juicy horror movies and TV shows.

First thing’s first: there’s a number of big-name titles leaving the service next month, including Panic Room, Grease, American Pyscho, and the Spartacus series. That’s disappointing, to be sure, but among the January 2020 titles are news installments of Grace and Frankie and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, along with all three Lord of the Rings movies and the Kill Bill films. And it doesn’t stop there.

We’ve compiled the full list below, but a special mention must go to two particularly exciting horror additions: Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead and Tremors.

Jan. 1

Ghost Stories (Netflix Film): Short films from Indian directors behind “Bombay Talkies” and “Lust Stories.”

Good Girls: Season 2

Messiah (Netflix Original
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Netflix in January: Here’s Everything Coming and Going

  • The Wrap
Netflix has released its list of everything new coming to the streaming service in January, and everything that’s leaving at the end of the month.

Of all the Netflix originals to look forward to next month, “Messiah,” out Jan. 1, is not to be missed. It follows CIA officer Eva Geller (Michelle Monaghan), who uncovers information about a man (Mehdi Dehbi) who claims to be the son of God. As he gains followers who believe he is the Second Coming, Geller races find out whether he really is a divine entity — or just a con artist set on dismantling the world’s geopolitical order

Other Netflix originals to look out for include “Anne With an E: The Final Season,” a modern retelling of “Anne of Green Gables,” out Jan. 3, “Cheer,” out Jan. 8, a cheerleading documentary series from the director of “Last Chance U,” Season 6 of “Grace and Frankie,” out Jan.
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Kevin Bacon still interested in Tremors return

Almost 30 years after the release of the first Tremors, original star Kevin Bacon is still interested in rebooting the franchise and returning to his character Valentine McKee despite previous attempts not moving forward. “I have a very specific thing that happened, which was I wanted to reboot Tremors. And worked very hard on it and […]

The post Kevin Bacon still interested in Tremors return appeared first on Flickering Myth.
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Kevin Bacon on Not Acting ‘Likable,’ Whether ‘Tremors’ Could Ever Come Back

  • Variety
Kevin Bacon on Not Acting ‘Likable,’ Whether ‘Tremors’ Could Ever Come Back
Whatever you do, don’t tell Kevin Bacon to act “likable.”

“I can walk into a room hungry — from an acting standpoint — angry, fearful, aggressive. I don’t know how to walk into a room ‘likably,’” he tells Variety. “That’s not an actable action for me.”

Although the veteran TV and film actor has a knack for humanizing otherwise unlikable characters, including Jackie Rohr, the generously mustachioed FBI veteran Bacon plays on Showtime’s “City on a Hill.”

The cop drama is set in early ‘90s Boston, where crime and corruption were rampant until the city, ostensibly, turned a page (dubbed the “Boston miracle”). But Bacon’s Rohr — with his unbridled bigotry and sexism — feels like a relic, regardless of time period. The show also touches on themes of police corruption and systemic racism, topics Bacon says still feel relevant today.

“I feel like, as a society, we have
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