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Samantha Mathis: Daisy



  • [last lines] 

    Princess Daisy : [enters with combat fatigues and a big gun]  Luigi! Mario!

    Luigi : Daisy!

    Princess Daisy : You guys gotta come with me! I need your help!

    Luigi : Why, what's wrong?

    Princess Daisy : [cradles her gun and smiles]  You're not gonna believe *this*.

    Mario : I believe it.

    Luigi : You do?

    Mario : [chuckles]  I believe.

  • Luigi : Do you eat?

    Princess Daisy : Yes.

    Luigi : Dinner?

    Princess Daisy : Yes.

    Luigi : Tonight?

  • Luigi : [after learning that Daisy was abandoned as an infant]  You mean you don't know who your mother and father neither?

    Princess Daisy : No. What do you mean, "neither"?

    Luigi : Cuz, you see, Mario here brought me up. He's been like my mother my whole life.

    Mario : Hey!

    Luigi : [laughing]  Ok, ok, my father, all right? And my uncle, cousin, and everybody.

  • Luigi : [trying to make conversation with Daisy after first meeting her]  A-are you ok?

    Princess Daisy : I got a few problems...

    Luigi : Well, you know, we got a van.

    Princess Daisy : [a little confused]  It's... nice.

    Luigi : No no, I'm asking you if you want a ride. Oh, but, uh... it's broken, though.

    Princess Daisy : ...well...

    [turns to leave] 

    Luigi : Your name's Daisy, isn't it? I-I overheard your name's Daisy. I've never heard that name around here. It's really nice, too. N-no, I *have* heard it cuz it's, like, the flower and everything... n-not that I hang around the flower shops or anything like that.

  • Daisy : [after first date]  If you just want to end this right now, I would understand.

    Luigi : You know, I was going to ask you the same thing, if you want to end this right now, and you feel bad about that, but you want to talk to somebody about it, you can call me.

  • Princess Daisy : I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat anything with a face.

  • Daisy : How's Daniella? Is she all right?

    Mario : Daniella! I promised I'd take her to Wrestlemania.

    Daisy : You mean, you don't know?

    Mario : What?

    Daisy : She's in the Goomba barracks, on the 51st floor!

  • Luigi Mario , Princess Daisy : [after watching Mario, Daniella and the other prisoned girls escape and land right in front of them on a mattress] 

    [to each other] 

    Luigi Mario , Princess Daisy : Are you all right?

    Luigi Mario : [about Mario and the girls]  Are *they* all right?

  • [Daisy examines a strange fossil that she later learns is her own mother] 

    Princess Daisy : These are all strange new species. Look at this, the way these bones fit here, and the opposable thumb. It's almost as if he were a monster trying to be a human being.

  • King Koopa : Don't fight it. You know you've always been uncomfortable in the human world, and you at least suspected that you were...

    [tongue flicks in and out like a snake's] 

    King Koopa : ?different.

    Princess Daisy : I suspected a lot of things, but not that I...

    King Koopa : That you were descended from the dinosaurs? And you know what they say about little girls, don't you? Hm? They say they never forget the first time they're kissed by a lizard.

    [face starts to look more reptilian] 

  • [Lena aims a pin at Daisy's throat] 

    Princess Daisy : Why are you doing this?

    Lena : Because everybody deserves what they've earned! And I've earned this!

  • Scapelli : Who's in charge of this hole?

    Princess Daisy : I'm in charge here.

    Scapelli : I'm Anthony Scapelli. I'm the boss elsewhere. My boys have to get back to work here. How long are you gonna be digging up these... bones?

    Princess Daisy : As long as our court order lasts, Mr. Scapelli. The university has explained to you how important this site is. And we'd get done a lot sooner if your goons would stop harassing us.

    Scapelli : You look like a smart girl. I'll bet you'll be done by tonight. You know, a lot of girls have gone missing in Brooklyn lately... I'd be careful.

  • Princess Daisy : You must be the great Koopa.

    King Koopa : That I am. Ruler of all that you see.

    [indicates a globe that's nothing but desert and one single city] 

    King Koopa : A few miserable streets and an endless desert.

  • Princess Daisy : [Scapelli has flooded the fossil site]  Thank God you're here... I mean...

    Luigi : What do you mean?

    Princess Daisy : I mean, you're a plumber, right?

    Luigi : Oh, yeah! I don't know exactly what to do.

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