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Where Do Film Treasures Go?
Dave D-221 May 2004
I saw this motion picture at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival and have searched for it since then ... first on VHS and since 1997 on DVD. It is from Thailand. It's a harrowingly realistic film and one I hope someday to see again or own on DVD. So the question is: where do all the independent film treasures that do not get distribution deals go? This film is listed with only Toronto in the Release Dates section on IMDb. There must be something that can be done to change this scenario. The film concerns children on the streets of Thailand and the dangers they face and I recall that it was one of the best films that I saw which screened at Toronto's International Film Festival that year. Since then I have seen a number of other treasures that don't seem to get wide release and, worse yet never seem to be available on any home video format.
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The Reflection of Bangkok
k_varut7 August 2000
I like the movie 'Once Upon the Time' so much as I think it reflects the life in Bangkok. It touches the serious problems such as homeless people and child prostitution but it also shows the endless imagination of children and the family relationship. 'One Upon the Time' has a tensed feeling of joy and sadness that I couldn't forget. For both Thai and international movie viewers, I strongly recommended this movie.
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