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Hey, it's fun!
Profplum-214 May 2000
Have watched the re-runs on the USA channel up through the beginning of the 1999 season, now. This is a tad better than "Baywatch on wheels," although the pictorials of Malibu females lend a certain "Baywatch" atmosphere to the program (I note that at least one of the principal actresses, Paula Trickey, has been a guest on "Baywatch" on several occasions).

But the main point is that it's fun. The impossible actions with the bikes, the frenetic chases, the improbable romances, and, yes, the beefcake and cheesecake, all combine to make up a fine, mindless hour of excellent relaxation. In addition, every once in a while they try to get serious about a theme, and they even occasionally pull it off. Trickey in particular has the makings of a real actress, and the revamping they did in 1999 seems to have worked pretty well to update the show's appeal.

A worthwhile recreational hour.
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Ode to Pacific Blue
DeltaHomicide29 March 2016
a.k.a. Baywatch on wheels.

Have you witnessed the marvel that is Pacific Blue? It's a sun-kissed miscellany of wooden acting, drama, romance, action, comedy and brazen T&A.

The acting - my god, the acting. Think of porno actors from the late 80's and early 90's, and you will know the cast of Pacific Blue. Not only that, but the set pieces seem like they were culled from a Peter North and Anita Dark video. It gets better after season 1, but the cheese is omnipresent, and sublime.

The plots - never have I seen such a wonderful treasure of generic stories with moral lessons. Some absolute gems include:

  • The misguided gangbanger who is seeking a father figure.

  • The cocky new addition to the police force who's keeping a dark secret.

  • The school shooting, and how we can't always protect our children from a world gone mad.

  • and since it's set in Venice Beach, California, naturally there's a teenage runaway who has someone that cares.

The action - any time there's a chase, and even when there isn't one, you'll get a healthy dose of bodacious bicycle stunts in each show. Unnecessary drops from rooftops, table jumps, wheelies, endos, leg swipes and 360's - all done on mountain bikes with frames and shock absorbers that probably cost more than a yellow Nissan Pathfinder - shaka brah.

The comedy - if the action in Pacific Blue is the sand, surely the comedy is the sea - a sea of awkward awesomeness. You'll be reminded of being in school, when you and a classmate had to pair up to do an impromptu skit in front of the class. You will blush, and then you will lose your mind.

The T&A - because every woman walking along Venice Beach and its surrounding neighborhoods wear G-strings and have a ginormous set of bronzed mammaries.

If you haven't experienced the life-affirming magnificence that is "PacBlue", I urge you to take it for a spin. It's the very definition of California Love.
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A new way for cops to patrol. Watch it for Paula Trickey.
Brian-2727 June 2001
"Pacific Blue" was a good series that featured many interesting episodes. Featuring a police force who were always at patrol duty on the California beaches. Plus it started a new concept that many police forces started to grab on to that being the use of bicycles to patrol. The series was just more than police drama you had much about the characters own life dealing with family and relationships. The best reason to watch on the USA Network was the beautiful Paula Trickey she even matched some of the "Baywatch" beauties in beauty. Paula played an officer who was by the book, that was when she looked at her sexy best. Now "Pacific Blue" is gone but you can still race to the reruns on the USA Network, so be happy.
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Bring back Pacific Blue!
safenoe26 February 2020
I love Pacific Blue and this definitely needs a complete DVD release package with director and cast commentary please. Perhaps a reboot or something like that please. Sure, the acting wasn't Emmy stuff, but still it was entertaining and always watchable. Love the scenery. Hard to imagine Pacific Blue being filmed in a place like perpetually drizzly Carlisle in England. Still, maybe Pacific Blue can bring a lot of warmth to cold and damp places.
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A show worth seeing
Jennings7 May 2002
This was a show about cops on bikes by the beach. I personaly enjoyed it. Paula Trickley's performence increased my intrest.

Good show and worth watching.
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Pacific Blue Cast Info
schiller2de30 July 2005
Lieutenant Anthony Palermo(Rick Rossovich) is at the top of the bike-patrol unit. He is positive about it that the problems on the beach can be solved peacefully and without violence. He's always on duty and he stands up for his subordinate unconditionally. Palermo is a divorced man and a father of a sixteen-year old daughter.

Officer TC Callaway (Jim Davidson) has problems with his family, who wants him to join the family business, but he refuses and stays with Pacific Blue.

Officer Victor Del Toro(Marcos Ferraez) knows the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice like the back of his hand. Grown up in east LA as a son of South American immigrants, he got in contact with the crime early. The Hispanic teenagers are close to the enthusiastic biker's heart.

Officer Chris Kelly (Darlene Vogel) joins the bike-patrol after working for the P.R. Department of Santa Monica. For the attractive blonde the Pacific Blue unit is another step on her way up. Despite her career ambitions she behaves friendly and helpful towards her colleagues.

Officer Cory McNamara (Paula Trickey) is a cop in the third generation: her grandfather, father and brother work for the LAPD. In the fight against the crime she always regards the code of law.

Bobby Cruz (Mario Lopez) whose aggressive treatment of criminals forces him out of the Los Angeles Police Department and into the Bike unit.

Russ Granger (Jeff Stearns) plays an ultra cute, Harley-Davidson-riding, bad Boy, who joins the unit thinking he is signing on as a motorcycle Cop.

Jamie Strickland (Amy Hunter-Cornelius) the beautiful triathlete an material Artist whose determination and many talents make her a great addition to the Team.

Monica Harper (Shanna Moakler) the gorgeous and seductive rookie who loves to be a trouble-maker, and performs her best when she goes undercover.
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One heck of a great show!
a_draves28 August 2003
This show was one of the best out there, while on the air. And, I think it still is. The first three seasons, staring Rick Rossovich, Paula Tricky, Darlene Vogle, Marcos Ferraez, and Jim Davidson, was the better of the five years the show was on air. The last two seasons, they kind of did go over board a little bit. Though some of the new characters such as Russ, Jamie, And Bobby, were a good addition, and wouldn't have harmed the show on their own, I think taking out Tony and Victor, and adding Monica was a terrible idea! That's what ruined the show in the end. But, overall, the first three seasons, were the best. Those five cops didn't just work together, they lived together. It seemed almost like a family, something you wouldn't see on most cop shows. They were awesome cops and great at their jobs. They even almost "laughed" at the regular patrols in their cars, because these guys patroling the beach on bikes could go places the cars couldn't, they could catch the bad guys the regular cops couldn't. I would definitely recommend watching this show, especially the first three seasons!!!
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This show is fun and appealing
kilikij1712 January 2003
Pacific Blue was my favorite show. I love to look at the beach so that was incintive for watching the show. The characters were all interesting. This show had a diverse cast and each one had an appealing characteristic. The show was serious and commical all at once. The characters were definitely not hard to look at, at all. It's a shame that the show got cancelled and I do hope to see reruns of this show in the near future.
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bicycle cops in sunny LA
the_oak1 July 1999
These cops are looked down upon by the real cops driving cars or motorcycles. But when they chase after a bad guy, its as if gravity is removed, and they can do anything with their 5000 dollar bicycles. Leutenant Palermo played by Rick Rossovich has a strange habit of keeping one sock up to his knee, and the other tucked down to his ankle. An he talks funny. This is Baywatch on wheels.
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Is It going to starta again?
Ar3a1 August 2002
I really liked Pacific Blue. At least untill 1998 or somthing. And now the series is shuted down. Is it ever going to start again? anyone knows? I think Paula Trickey did a really good job in Pacific Blue and I really want do see the bike cops on tv again! :>
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Pacific Blue rocks my world!
sherwoodforest19 October 2003
"Pacific Blue" was a GREAT show - probably the only show I watched religiously for several years without getting tired of it! Creating a tribute to the cops that aren't in squad cars was a wonderful and novel idea, and the plot was awesome! The best part of this show was that the characters were real. They had real problems and real relationships, outside the force and with each other. The original cast - Rick Rossovich, Marcos Ferraez, Paula Trickey, Jim Davidson, and Darlene Vogel - had an amazing three seasons. Once Victor and Tony left, the show went downhill for me, but hey, revamping a show for new audiences is necessary, and it worked for them, and though I felt less connected once the original cast split in half, it didn't kill the show. Bravo! Great writing, great acting, great cinematography, and great original music score! I really hope this show is released on DVD sometime, especially the first three seasons!
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Interesting premise + decent writing + interesting characters + many bike stunts = "Pacific Blue"
mark_dacascos12 April 2013
One of the things that I like most about this series is that the premise - the work and life of the bike cops, who patrol Santa Monica beaches - is somehow new. I mean there are many crime shows, but how many of them deal with bike cops? As far as I know, apart from "Pacific blue", zero. I have seen around 15-20 episodes so far, from different seasons, and in my humble opinion the quality of this series diminishes with each season. In the third season there were changes in the cast, which I think made the show less interesting. The original cast was better than the actors, who replaced them (or maybe I were used to the original actors and had prejudices against their replacements). However, a few people of the original cast didn't left and because of them this programed was still watchable. So, if you like escapist, fun shows and you don't mind mostly impossible and sometimes silly plots (later seasons), it's almost certain that you will enjoy this show. The beautiful scenery, likable actors and actresses, competent cinematography, tame for a crime show violence (especially for today's standards) and sometimes excellent scripts make this show worth checking out. But, I have one suggestion - start with the first season.
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One of USA Network's best
NotoriousNate2 July 2001
This silly little cop show never allowed itself to get too serious and always gave the viewer something to enjoy. It did have several elements of "Baywatch" including tons of bikini-clad extras tanning, oiling up, or jogging at the beginning of every program and plenty of slow motion shots. Needless to say, these bike cops didn't always play by the rules but always nabbed their suspect or killed him trying(I think in real life, any cops with these guys habit of killing a suspect without being provoked would be a few dozen life terms). Darlene Vogel and Paula Trickey really showed tons of diversity in their characters, being strong and tough cops, happy and giddy off-duty friends, slinky little sex kittens, and damsels-in-distress all in about one episode. I thought it was kinda interesting to see Rick Russovich in something other than "Top Gun". But his departure from the series in 1998 started a decline in the show's quality and ultimately ended the show in 2000 rather aburptly. Definately worth checking out.
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Ride By Shooting
jhmocha17 January 2009
I will never, ever forget watching this show around the age of 13. Even at the young age I remember thinking, "This is a Baywatch rip off show without the one thing that makes Baywatch tolerable. The girls in bathing suits." Nonetheless I was too small in those days to be the holder of the remote in my house. The high point of Pacific Blue was an episode in which a couple of thugged out gangsters are coming to whack someone with submachine guns ... on bikes!!! As a thirteen year old I never laughed so hard at something that was supposed to be taken seriously. Even I knew that the task of going out and acquiring Uzis (for murder) is a task that should never come before borrowing someones car for the day. That had been the defining moment of this show. Simple Crimes and situations tailor made by hack writing so they could be taken care of by the unsung hero of the crime fighting world The Bike Cop. Does not get much Dumber.
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Love the show, Great stories
jamesfacebook-0854829 October 2019
I love the show. Have been watching all of them. One Question though. Why do some of them wear Coats and Long pants (in 90 degree weather) and the rest wear shorts and short sleeve shirts???
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The "CHIPS" of the 90's
crewcut611 September 1999
Welcome to sunny Santa Monica, where the beaches are warm and inviting, and the girls are clad in only in bikinis. No, I'm not talking about "Baywatch!!" I'm talking about the hit cop-drama "Pacific Blue." This show has the same intensity as "Miami Vice" and "NYPD Blue", where the cops not only clash with the scum of the streets (or in this case, the boardwalk and the beaches), but with each other. Jim Davidson and Darlene Vogel lead the colorful cast as a patrol unit of bike cops making sure the sand doesn't apply for a spawning ground for crime. My personal favorite character in this show is Monica Harper, the young cop who likes her job, played by the hot Shana Moakler. "Pacific Blue" has great action and good performances, and plus a lot of famous people make appearences in the show, such as the WWF's Shawn Michaels and Sable, and even, GASP!!!, Danny Bonaduce!!
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series turned really slutty
bunny-1413 November 2001
Once Rick Russovich left the series, it turned real slutty, focus more on T&A than any real plot. You have one cop(?) more interested in breaking up a marriage and bedding the guy - her superior than catching crooks.Plots sucks and the acting was laughable
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