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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

    • 20 men shot by hitmen throughout the course of the movie. None of these shootings are graphic, but some contain a minimal amount of blood.
    • Man shoots woman; she reaches for gun; he knocks it out of her hand and shoots her at close range. This second shooting is off-screen, but we do see blood spray onto a nearby computer monitor.
    • Several occasions of man to man struggles, some women are violently yanked by their hair and pushed to the ground. (None of these occasions provide graphic violence)
    • A man is found dead lying a relatively small pool of blood.
    • A man is shot off of his motorcycle.
    • A man is found dead with a bloody gunshot wound to the head. He has a gun in his hand suggesting suicide.
    • A womans neck is snapped. She falls to the ground, dead.
    • A man is nearly choked to death.
    • A woman repeatedly hits a man in the face with a tire iron. (No blood)
    • We see a man with a bloody eyebrow.
    • We see a woman with a bloody ear.
    • A man is run over by a train. (Not graphic)
    • Man commits suicide with gun. We only see his shadow going through the action.
  • None of the violence is graphic, but there are many shootings; in most of which a silencer is used.


  • 5 f***s and its derivitives, 3 pricks, 3 hells, 3 a**, 2 SOB, 2 s****, 1 Bullshit, 1 Damn, and 2 Bast****

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • When a man puts a gun to a puppy's head, and then throws the puppy down, it may disturb some animal lovers.
    • There are several intense chase scenes that involve very close calls.
    • The President is in danger.

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