A Perfect Murder (1998) Poster

Viggo Mortensen: David Shaw



  • Steven : [in David's loft, sitting on his bed]  Fucking my wife.

    David Shaw : [sitting in a stool]  I don't know...

    Steven : I think it's about time you called me Steven.

    David Shaw : We're in love, sir.

    Steven : That's it? You steal the crown jewel of a man's soul, and your only excuse is some candy ass Hallmark card sentiment? Even if it were true, that's not good enough!

    David Shaw : What weren't true?

    Steven : She is in love with you, buddy. You're in business.

    David Shaw : What the hell are saying?

    Steven : I'm saying you did not meet my wife by chance, I'm saying is you didn't study at Berkley, I'm saying is you learned to paint by doing three to six at Soledad State Prison, for relieving a widow in San Francisco of her life savings, your second conviction, if I'm not mistaken your real name is Winton Lagrange, which I'd rather like, born to pure trailer trash in Barstow California, warded to the court at the age of 10, you went from pick pocket, to car thief to con man until you found out you had a way with the softer sex no doubt looking for that mother you can barely remember, life made up of completely depressing little scams, until now.

    David Shaw : Where'd you get all that?

    Steven : All that is for sale, Winston. Yhe hell of it is that you're not half bad with a brush.

    David Shaw : Thank you. Call it rehabilitation.

    Steven : Call it a con and my wife is the grand prize but you set your sights a little too high this time/

    David Shaw : She loves me.

    Steven : She loves "David Shaw", your invention. not that it matters because you made a fundamental miscalculation. Now you play it out, love conquers all, Emily divorces me, she marries you. Given your history, her advisors are going to insist on a prenup, so you might storm the castle but you're not getting the keys to the treasure room ever!

    David Shaw : I don't care about that.

    Steven : The petty swindler, doesn't care about a trust fund that can buy fucking Barstow? Why don't you cut the shit? You care or we would not be having this conversation, the only thing that's stopping you from bolting out right now is bad genes and greed.

    David Shaw : Now what?

    Steven : Choices, I can tell Emily exactly who you are, and life will imitate art you become a starving painter, game over.

    David Shaw : Or?

    Steven : Or you can cash out.

    David Shaw : Cash out?

    Steven : Half a million dollars, tax free.

    David Shaw : Just for walking away from her?

    Steven : I said "tax free", I didn't say "free."

  • David Shaw : [walking slowly behind him in the park]  Excuse me sir, can you spare me 400 grand?

    Steven : [holding the bag, wearing sunglasses and a dark trench coat]  I don't see why not.

  • [Just after David Shaw is stabbed and Steven Taylor is looking at a piece of paper] 

    David Shaw : Steven Taylor's greatest hits.

  • David Shaw : [standing in front of Steven's desk]  When's this card game of yours?

    Steven : Tomorrow evening.

    David Shaw : Tomorrow? No fucking way!

  • David Shaw : [standing in front of Steven's desk]  What happens if the plan goes to hell?

    Steven : It won't.

  • Steven : [irritated for being forced by David to meet in a crowded diner]  What do you want?

    David Shaw : The rest of my money.

    Steven : [scoffs]  You didn't fulfill your end of the bargain, did you?

    David Shaw : So?

    Steven : So, what do I get?

    David Shaw : You get the "super fine thing", might even call it the "legitimately sublime."

    Steven : What exactly is this "super fine thing?"

    David Shaw : You're looking at it, it's called "time outside of prison" old partner, and you can't beat it with a stick.

    Steven : Exactly how much time does four hundred thousand dollars buy me?

    David Shaw : Whatever the market will bear.

    Steven : It'll take me a few days.

    David Shaw : You've got four hours.

    Steven : That's impossible and you know it.

  • Steven : [standing in front of Steven's desk]  I'm sure someone with your resume will be able to come up with an alibi in no time.

    David Shaw : I'm sure someone with my resume would just take the money and run.

    Steven : I'll bet you four hundred thousand more you don't.

  • David Shaw : [standing at the back of a ferry]  Hey Steven, do I keep fucking your wife in the meantime, or what?

  • David Shaw : [in David's loft]  What's the five hundred grand for?

    Steven : Killing my wife.

    David Shaw : Emily?

    Steven : One hundred thousand now, four hundred thousand after cash and carry.

    David Shaw : You're out of your mind.

    Steven : Not really.

    David Shaw : Why?

    Steven : I appreciate your curiosity but my agenda doesn't concern you.

    David Shaw : What if I go to straight to Emily and tell her all this?

    Steven : That'd be my word against yours, Winston.

    David Shaw : What if I go to the cops?

    Steven : Have you ever been to Boca Raton Florida? there was a lady down there that was carrying on with a much younger man he was a hell of a tennis player, anyway when the affair ended he disappeared, along with the lady's bearer bonds, an acquaintance of mine has a photograph of the suspect and all police need is a name, as in strike three, fifteen years no parole.

  • David Shaw : [meeting in a crowded diner]  Come on Steve, a man with your résumé can come up with four hundred grand in no time.

    Steven : [Nods]  Where?

    David Shaw : My place, you don't show up with the cash, I'll mail the recording I have as "Steven's greatest hits."

    Steven : I understand.

    David Shaw : [hands him the tab]  Be fucking sure you do.

  • David Shaw : [over the phone, referring to their affair]  tell him what exactly?

    Emily : tell him everything: tonight

    David Shaw : look, we've waited this long, let's just hold off another day so we can figure it out together, so I can help you

    Emily : I don't know

    David Shaw : I do, I do know

  • Steven : [talking privately at the Stern of a ferry, referring to the imposter David sent to kill Emily]  so who was he?

    David Shaw : somebody I met at "Berkley"

    Steven : can he be connected to you?

    David Shaw : not anymore

    Steven : you got any idea who you're fucking with?

    David Shaw : yeah, you're the guy who hired me to kill your wife because you couldn't the "wet work" yourself, neither could I

    Steven : so how do you know he didn't talk to someone?

    David Shaw : Ron was a good man

    Steven : not quite good enough

    David Shaw : ok, what's plan B?

    Steven : well it's a little coincidental if there's another attempt on her life

    David Shaw : [sarcastically]  gee you think?

    Steven : so, we wait

    David Shaw : for what?

    Steven : I'll let you know

  • Emily : [after hearing Steven's message left on David's answering machine, while lying next to each other in bed after having intercourse]  What are you going to do?

    David Shaw : I guess I'll call him, it'd be kind of weird if I didn't wouldn't it?

    Emily : You're playing with "fire".

    David Shaw : If you're getting so upset about it why'd you give him my number?

    Emily : I didn't

  • Steven : [meeting in a bar]  Want a drink?

    David Shaw : No, I'm ok, unless you want another one?

    Steven : No, I'm fine.

    David Shaw : I asked you to meet me here because my place is kind of hard to find.

    Steven : [jokingly]  Like in the "illegal" loft space?

    David Shaw : That's one way to put it.

    Steven : [before leaving the bar]  I feel like I'm knee deep in bohemian cache, lead on.

  • Emily : [over the phone]  I can't do this anymore, I've got to tell him tonight, I'm really sorry.

    David Shaw : It's ok.

    Emily : [referring to Steven surprising her by taking her to lunch]  He's never done that before, something's wrong, he knows.

    David Shaw : No, he doesn't.

    Emily : I cannot live like this anymore, it's not, it's not fair to him. I've got to tell him.

  • Emily : [over the phone]  Hi it's me

    David Shaw : Hey how you doing?

    Emily : I left my wedding ring.

    David Shaw : I know I put it away before he got here.

    Emily : [exhales, feeling relieved]  thank God, what'd you guys talk about?

    David Shaw : he wasn't here that long, so just the work

    Emily : he said he made you an offer

    David Shaw : as a matter of fact, he did

    Emily : what piece?

    David Shaw : it's this one you haven't seen

    Emily : I thought I'd seen all of them

    David Shaw : most of them but not all of them

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