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worth seeing the 9th and 10th in the series.
sirrom14 June 1999
Watched mostly all the movies of this series and this is the best I've seen so far. The time it takes for the movie to come to your town tend to be two to three yeas after the Production date, Yet all the movies are great waiting to see 9 and 10 of the series.
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Janine & Dyanna Lauren Will Heat Up Screen & Your Shorts At Same Time
mrb077530 October 2014
Not giving this the highest score of 10, but just 9, since although the Dyanna Lauren/Janine scene is girl/girl porn at its finest, the rest of the scenes all range from so so, to so crappy.

But the terrific Dyanna Lauren/Janine scene is the one you should click on as soon as the disc loads, because why waste time getting to one of the all time best beautiful butt & boobs banging bad ass lesbian duos in a boner heating & totally rod stiffening performance.(Ya think I like it?)

The 2 ladies never looked better as this was them as they looked back in 1996.(Probably their prime days and Janine hadn't obscured her beauty yet by covering her arms & shoulders with obscenely ugly tattoo stuff)

And, even though this porno was shot 18 years ago, you get to enjoy the cover girl faces and gorgeous bodies of the women in crystal clear quality, unlike the soft, foggy looking, crap video quality that Vivid so often foisted off on unsuspecting consumers in the 1990s and during the early half of the 1st decade of the 21st century. Just keep some water handy, because Dyanna & Janine may just scorch your Skivvies.
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# 62 : Girls Band (dvdr)
lamegabyte9 March 2014
This is the silly french title of this movie. I ordered the french VHS before transferring it disastrously on a DVD-R with a poor Philips recorder. It's funny to try to remember how i put my order: i can't really remember the price or the catalog but it was a mail delivery that i waited with a lot of stress to be sure the package will be delivered in my hands!

Anyway, this « WTBA8 » is indeed among the best lesbian production ever: it's a sunny treasure chase and at this time, Vivid has the best stars in the business: their models were even more stunning than the fashion world : Here, helping Dyanna, you got Jenteal, Janine and the superb pet Alexis Christian ! The scenes are really hot, not destroyed by stupid close-ups and ends on a hot moment, especially with the way Janine kisses Jenteal !
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