Planet of the Apes (2001) Poster

Helena Bonham Carter: Ari



  • [to Leo in regarding Earth] 

    Ari : I'd like to see your world.

    Captain Leo Davidson : I know. But they'd probably pry you and poke you and throw you in a cage too.

    Ari : [smiles]  You'd protect me.

    [Leo smiles] 

  • Ari : You know one day they'll tell a story about a human who came from the stars and changed our world. Some will say it was just a fairy tale, that it was never real. But I'll know.

  • Ari : Stop it! Who told you, you could throw stones at humans?

    Gorilla kid : My father

    Ari : Did he? He's wrong, very wrong. You can tell him for me I said so.

    Gorilla kid : Human lover!

  • [Leo notices the human mark on Ari's hand] 

    Ari : I can't go home either now. So, maybe we're not so different.

    Captain Leo Davidson : No, we're very different.

    [Ari looks at him sadly] 

    Captain Leo Davidson : You care about everybody, but yourself.

  • Captain Leo Davidson : Our apes couldn't talk.

    Ari : Maybe they chose not to... given the way you treated them.

  • Ari : [blocking Limbo]  You kill him, and you'll only lower yourself to his level.

    Limbo : Exactly!

  • Ari : Hm, I knew it, you're sensitive. An uncommon quality in a man.

    Krull : [groans] 

  • Tival : Apes are afraid of water. They can't swim.

    Ari : We drown!

    Daena : That is why every day we pray for rain.

  • Ari : It's disgusting the way we treat humans.

  • Ari : It doesn't matter: apes, humans, your planet, my planet, the universe seems only to reward cruelty with power.

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