The Sex Monster (1999) Poster

Mike Binder: Marty Barnes


  • Marty Barnes : Listen to me, you're taking the whole thing way too far. You're tying women up and you're gagging them now! That's too far! What's next? I'm gonna come home one day and you're gonna be performing surgery on some girl?

  • [to Evie, who is lying bound and gagged on a bed after a consensual bondage scene with Laura] 

    Marty Barnes : Hi. Listen, before I untie you, while I have your attention, I just wanted to take a minute and say, you know, this is going to be really rough on you and Dave. It will probably end up in divorce for the two of you; it's really sad. Okay, what I'm thinking is you're going to have half of Dave's money, right? And I got a really good investment for you... a really good project I'm working on. It's something...

  • Marty Barnes : So, where are you from, Didi? Chicago or something?

    Didi : I'm from all over. I'm an Army brat.

    Marty Barnes : Army brat. That is intense. Tell us about it.

    Didi : Well, I lived with my Dad on U.S. Army bases in Texas, Kentucky and elsewhere until I was 14. And then out of nowhere I met my Mom again. My parents got divorced when I was only a baby. I lived with her until we decided that we hated each other. And then I sort of hitchhiked around the country until I was 17 when I met this woman who I moved down to Miami, Florida and lived with her for three years as lovers. But it didn't really work out because she was sort of in love with me and... I guess to be honest, I didn't really love her because I just really enjoyed fucking her.

    [Marty drops a tray of dishes causing a huge crash] 

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