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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • 3 women seduce the the three male characters, there is suggestive touching but nothing more.
  • Three women are washing clothes in a river. Their clothes are wet and clinging; some cleavage shown.
  • There is one use of the word "fornicate".

Violence & Gore

  • A burning cross tips over at a KKK rally; it's implied that one person is killed.
  • One of the protagonists throws a torch thrown by the police right back at them, landing in hay near an Armored Ammunition Vehicle, which causes the bullets and guns to set off.
  • A man shoots at police and cows (little blood). Bullets are shown striking one of the cows.
  • A car runs over a cow.
  • Two men get beaten by a man with a big stick (little blood).
  • A man squishes a frog in his hand, killing it, then throws it away.
  • Pete is whipped by the sheriff's men in an attempt to find out where the other two men are (very little blood).
  • A large burning crucifix falls on a crowd of KKK members, killing one in particular (offscreen).
  • There is a fist fight between two men (unrealistic). One of the men is later hurled out of the store as a result by the proprietor.
  • A surge of water engulfs a house and farm land, killing several men.


  • Other ethnic slurs that are used are "darkies", "jews", "colored", "crackers".
  • There are several use of " son of a bitch ".
  • Hell is used.
  • SOB is used throughout the movie. The slur "n_grah" is used; it sounds very close to the N-word. D_mn is used regularly in the first half hour. God D_mn_t is used once in the burning barn as well as several times by various characters including Everett, a radio executive, and Papi O'Dannel (the incumbent governor of Mississippi).
  • Ass is also used a few times (also the use of Smart-ass at least once).
  • Also, Papist is also used once (Papist is a slur towards someone who is Roman Catholic)
  • One character gets baptized, and another character makes fun at him for his beliefs. He also makes light of an off-screen incident in which another character sells his soul to the Devil.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman makes a man drink from a container that could appear to contain alcohol.
  • Governor chews on a cigar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A KKK rally is depicted. This scene features torches, a noose, and a burning cross.
  • A number of death threats are made but never carried out, some police brutality, most of it is in a funny way so it isn't too intense.
  • The KKK rally could be disturbing to some viewers.
  • A bank gets robbed. This scene features an unpredictable robber, frightened bank customers, and loud bursts of gunfire.
  • Much of the violence, while presented in a comedic fashion, is extremely dark/warped/disturbing.
  • A man is sentenced to death.
  • There is also an instance where the African-American guitarist discusses how he "sold his soul to the devil" in order to gain his musical abilities.
  • It is clearly implied that the Sheriff (who always wears dark sunglasses) is Satan himself.
  • Though played for humor, some children might find the skewered and roasted gophers disturbing.

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