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Excellent Movie
dineshvasudevan200314 January 2007
This one of the best entertaining movies that Malayalam cinema has ever seen. Mohanlal plays the Ooty guide who gets to meet Revathy who plays a mentally abnormal girl and Jagathy plays Mohanlal's Close mate. The comedy scenes and the on screen chemistry between Jagathy and Mohanlal just blows off the audiences and they just laugh out loud. I have personally watched this movie more than 20 times and every time it keeps getting better and better. The twist in the movie is also provided when a secret about Revathy is revealed to Mohanlal and Thilakan is made to play a pivotal role. Innocent as the sentimental butler showcases an excellent ambiance. The movie is a real stress releaser and is rated as one of the best.
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Kilukkam (rattle)
laiju10 December 2005
The story Joji (Mohanlal) is a guide in Ooty, and comes across a girl (Revathi) whom he thinks is a rich tourist, but turns out to be mentally deranged. A friend of his (Jagathy Sreekumar) then discovers that there is a reward on offer for finding this girl, and they decide to claim it. Then comes the revelation that the girl is actually fleeing from her relatives, who are out for her blood, to claim her inheritance. How our heroes battle the villains for the sake of the girl forms the rest of the story.

It's different... While the above synopsis reads like any Bollywood masala, what sets this movie apart is that it is first and foremost a comedy. Practically every line of the dialogue in the first half, as well as every scene, was made with one intention-to make you laugh. Oops, sorry-there was a second intention-to build a good story line. Even in the second half, when things get serious, both the action and the dialogues follow a light hearted vein, which will be familiar to those who have seen Hera Pheri.

The fine acting of Mohanlal, Jagathy, Thilakan and Revathi has further embellished the quality of this movie, and the few, but excellent dialogues of Innocent leave you rollicking with laughter.

My brother-in-law, like a huge number of Keralites, has seen this movie so many times that he can quote every line of the dialogues. He starts laughing even when nothing funny is happening on the screen, because he is already thinking of the next scene, which is hilarious!

The downside You cannot really enjoy this film if you do not follow the language, because it uses a lot of puns. However, the situational comedy can be enjoyed (much as you would in a silent movie) even by those who do not know Malayalam. Don't blame me if you think that you have already seen the movie in your own language, as this film has been re-made in practically every major language.
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An excellent fun packed movie
rijojohn11 January 2004
This is one of my favorite malayalam movies for many years..the fun and the best combination by Mohan Lal and Jagathi Sreekumar leaves us lots of unforgettable moments in the movie.... If you like to watch good malayalam movies this is the right one to see..
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The greatest comedy ever made......
krish-nikky19 June 2007
This movie in my opinion is without a doubt one of the greatest Malayalam movies ever made,Priyadarsans best till now,It came during the golden era of cinematic brialliance and stays to this day as a standing testimonial,I have seen it for the umpteenth time since i was a toddler and I still cant get over it,the chemistry between Lal and Jagathy resulting in outrageous hilarious moments are timeless,the same is the case with Thilakan and Innocent complimented by excellent performances by Revathy and all the supporting cast.A movie that aptly justifies why Jagathy is the greatest comedian of his time,the comic timing in the film is impeccable as well as cinematagrophy,songs and script,every single comic scene is a show stealer.The characters of Joji,Nischal n Kittuni still remain etched in the hearts of Malayalis to this very day.A movie that effortlessly lifts any one's spirits on the gloomiest of days and sends you rolling down a roller-coaster of fun. "Welcome to OOTY folks!!"..AMAZING
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100 % entertaining
arun_mr2 January 2018
Parallel to the main story, stories from Jojii's friend (Jagathy Sreekumar) and photographer Kittni (Innocent) are presented.

When the Nandini finally realizes his true father, the picture ends.

The Kilukkam box office is considered to be one of the best comic films in Malayalam. The comic scene in the film is still popular today.
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