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MPAA Rated R for nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language, and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • Extremely graphic sexual references
  • In a deleted scene there are four people who all have sex in the same hotel room but in separate beds.
  • In a deleted scene two women kiss.
  • Crude humor

Violence & Gore

  • A woman in a van pulls a knife on Jay and Silent Bob, but then her friends tell her to put it away.
  • A van explodes and Jay thinks Justice died in it.
  • Jay and Silent Bob run through a field with a monkey being chased and shot at by cops.
  • A man gets shot with a shot gun in the chest and flies back against a wall.
  • A man in a kids character costume on a movie set gets shot by a cop in the chest and falls over.
  • 3 women bust into a movie set and start shooting the place up in attempt to get the jewels back from Justice.
  • A woman gets kicked hard in the face, flies across the room and gets knocked out as well as the two women she lands on.


  • Three uses of r*tard.
  • 246 uses of fuck and lots of uses of the words shit, and ass. also lots of slang words and proper words for female and male genitals and chests such as boobs, pussy, dick

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jay and Silent Bob are drug dealers.
  • When Jay and Silent Bob are in the bad part of the neighborhood, you can see people dealing drugs.
  • At one point when they're in Hollywood, they talk to drug dealers. Jay and Silent Bob are offered drugs, but they never say yes or no, they just say that they are drug dealers, too. They then begin discussing each others class in drug dealing.
  • In the first scene you see Jay and Silent Bob selling some kids drugs. but nothing except rolling paper is shown.
  • In the Mystery Machine van, Jay and Silent Bob show a bag full of pot to the people in the van and proceed in smoking them. (Smoking is shown.)

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