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Sex & Nudity

  • One character is mentioned being on her period, then she is accused of having sex with almost half of the boys in the school and her friend's boyfriend.
  • A male student badgers a female student to have sex with him and he threatens to rape her. He is consistently rejected.
  • A pedophile tries to rape a young girl. Minimal skin shown. (Director's cut)
  • Two male students are seen slain. When the camera zooms out, we see they are completely naked. A female student finishes dressing, then walks off. It is implied that she had sex with them before she killed them. Genitals of one of the dead male students can briefly be seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Someone is stabbed in the back once. We see some blood on the blade and the back of his jacket.
  • A man's bloody corpse is seen and an eye is briefly shown missing.
  • A girl gets a knife to the forehead. Another girl is shot in the upper arm and a boy is punched in the face and slashed across the back:
  • It is revealed that the students are wearing necklaces that can be activated to explode if they misbehave. One student's necklace is activated, and he is seen freaking out and it explodes, causing his throat to burst open and blood spraying out of it Kill Bill-style.
  • A girl is shown with an arrow through her neck, and another one is shot through her leg.
  • A boy is shot in the chest with an arrow
  • 5 people tease a man who gets a fan as a weapon. He manages to snatch an UZI from them and kill them all.
  • Two teenage girls are shot repeatedly, blood sprays and covers their clothing
  • A girl has her throat slashed open with a sickle and blood sprays out uncontrollably
  • Two girls begin to argue, and one starts to kick the other. The girl ends up tazing her, and shoots her twice in the chest
  • A boy is shot in the upper arm with a shotgun. He tries to shoot at the assailant but is shot in the side of his stomach.
  • A man is stabbed in the head with a hand-held axe. Blood is shown.
  • A girl is sliced across the face with an arrow
  • A man is castrated with a large jackknife, we see his crotch area stained with blood. He is than stabbed in the chest with blood oozing out. [Netflix time to end 1:01:29]
  • A young woman is shot repeatedly with a pistol and large wounds form around her body. She soon dies in front of her best friend.
  • A brief flashback shows dozens of dead bodies covered in blood
  • A woman shoots a man, and then he recoils by shooting her in the neck, killing her.
  • A man is shot, yet he has a bulletproof vest. He is soon decapitated, and the assailant is covered in blood
  • A grenade is placed in the severed head and explodes
  • A group of girls shoot each other and blood sprays and covers their clothing
  • A girl's bloody corpse is seen after she has committed suicide.
  • A girl is poisoned, she briefly vomits blood and dies.
  • A man's collar is shot and explodes
  • A man is repeatedly shot and blood sprays out
  • Flashback briefly shows two naked male corpses, who's chests, legs, and arms are slashed open and covered in blood. Another shows two dead girls. One is shown with a pickaxe lodged through her stomach with blood around it and the other has a butcher knife stuck in her abdomen.
  • A man is shot repeatedly and blood oozes out of his body. He hits a truck filled with explosives, killing him and injuring his killer
  • A man is shot repeatedly with a pistol
  • A woman is shot in the chest by a pistol
  • A woman is shot repeatedly by an UZI and blood is shown spraying. She survived this attack
  • The same woman attacks a man by tazing him, and slashing at him with a sickle. She is shot four times and a bloody hole forms near her chest. She finally drops dead, and the water is a murky red
  • A man is shot repeatedly in the stomach and many holes are shown with blood spraying out.
  • A man is shot repeatedly with an UZI
  • A man is briefly seen with blood coming from his eyes


  • Official subtitles only have a few uses of f*** and s***, but other ones have a little more profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A young character (16-17) is shown to smoke.
  • 2 young characters drink alcohol. One is 16 and the other 15.
  • Painkillers are mentioned.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested rating R for graphic violence throughout, language , some drug and sexual references
  • Highly intense, foreboding, and dark atmosphere throughout.

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