The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest (2002) Poster

Adam Garcia: Andy Kasper



  • [the guys are meeting at a restaurant after their design was "stolen"] 

    Andy : Guess what guys? I had a VISION!

    Tiny : [skeptically]  That involved third-world school kids?

  • Andy : Hi! I'm Casper - the friendly hologram. I think it was God who said, "Let there be light."

    [computer prototypes all start at once] 

    Francis : Holy shit!

  • Andy : How's things?

    Tiny : Entropy is winning.

  • Andy : Darrel just smiled!

    Darrell : I did not! It was a facial spasm!

  • Andy : This place is amazing. It's like Christmas morning and Disneyland and sex all wrapped up in one.

  • Andy : To the last hurrah. I can't tell you how jazzed I am. I don't care about the pay cut. Do you know how long we can live off top Ramen?

    Robin : Ten cockroaches can live a year off a single postage stamp

    Andy : Exactly. We'll be like the cockroaches. Totally unencumbered. I don't need that big apartment.

    Robin : Andy, I think you missed the point of my little cockroach factoid. I don't want any part of your poverty experiment.

    Andy : So you don't want anything to do with me without my huge salary?

    Robin : Would you want anything to do with me without the saline twins?

    [Gets up from table and starts to leave] 

    Robin : Just drop my diaphragm in the mail.

    Busboy : The twins are awesome!

  • Francis : The world needs a cheap portable computer, Casper. Third world school children want to join the information age.

    Andy : I thought third world school children wanted... food.

  • Darrell : One drop of this on Darrell's palm and you'll be pushing the mercury past 105 and choking to death on your own mucus in 24 hours.

    Andy : But you'd be dead too.

    Darrell : Darrell's been inoculated.

  • Andy : Now what's wrong?

    Darrell : How do you think people get sick, huh? Some guy picks his nose or scratches his ass, then he grabs that handle. You touch it and next thing you know, you're bleeding out of your eyes - out of your anus. Go ahead. Be my guest. Touch it.

    Andy : [puts hand on handle, opens the door and licks his palm]  Live Dangerously

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