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MPAA Rated R for sequences of graphic violence

Sex & Nudity

  • You see a naked Jesus walk out of a cave. It is shot from the side and you can see a partial of his behind.
  • Jesus is stripped of his garments, but anyone who's seen a crucifix or knows the Way of the Cross knows what it looks like, and it isn't graphic or sexual.
  • Other crucified men are stripped down the way Jesus is.

Violence & Gore

  • Jesus is savagely whipped in a prolonged, violent flagellation sequence. He is bloodied and wounded on the spot. A notable bit is when a scourge whip is used. Jesus' flesh is scraped off from his body and a tiny bit of blood squirts on the torturer's face. A blood puddle is seen at the end (uncut version only).
  • Two guys who are also being crucified gets their knees smashed by a giant mallet. They obviously scream in pain.
  • Close ups of Jesus' beaten up face.
  • A naked man rises up naked from inside a cave. There is a close up of his hands with holes in them.
  • Two children, which are demons summoned by the Devil, suddenly become violent and have disturbing facial expressions, and terrorize a man for a couple seconds, including biting a piece of his hand off. In another scene, a group of hallucinated children kick a man, leaving him bruised
  • When another person in the cross a bird pokes a persons eyes and there is blood
  • During the carrying of the cross and the crucifixion sequence, there are rather disturbing close-up shots of Jesus's eyes that dart around wildly. His face is covered in blood and one of his eyes is swollen, only adding to the uncomfortableness
  • This film, despite its success, has been extremely controversial due to its extreme graphic violence and has even been called a snuff film by some. With that said though, the film is purposely that violent as a means to portray the Crucifixion of Jesus and the horrors of it as accurately as possible. There are lots of graphic bloody violence throughout this film, and its easily one of the most violent movies ever made.
  • A man finds a rotting decaying corpse of a donkey with a rope around it. He used the rope to hang himself. His full lifeless body is shown for a prolonged amount of seconds.
  • There are lots and lots of scenes involving Jesus being stabbed, whipped, and beaten. It is even bloodier than any other rendition of the Way of the Cross, and not at all kid-friendly. Jesus is covered in blood from head to toe, and the characters look as if they're really hurting him. Viewers may not help but think that they really are.


  • Jesus is taunted by the guards who use obcenities in their own language, however the subtitle tracks tend not to translate these lines.
  • One mild obscenity (damn), one instance of "Jew" being used as an insult.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jesus drinks some wine in the movie.
  • People drink wine in several scenes.
  • People appear drunk in a couple of scenes, e.g. one man falls off a chair, while another stumbles and falls to the ground.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Satan has a frightening, brooding look. He is bald and pale, and makes ominous appearances out of nowhere. His baby, where he uses it to mock Jesus, is rather grotesque looking as well, where he possesses a disturbing smile.
  • The only intense scene in this movie is the extremely long torture scene. Jesus gets whipped by a whip with thorns. Jesus' mother and disciples are seen crying and weeping over him. Overall, the tone of the movie is very emotional, dramatic and also dark.
  • Many people, even adults, will probably find the scourging and crucifixion scenes very hard to watch. Jesus gets brutally tortured throughout the movie's two hours runtime.
  • Possessed kids fallowing one of Jesus desiples who betrayed him. The traitor hangs himself. Very creepy
  • A gory rotten corpse of a donkey is shown for a long amount of time.
  • One unexpected jump scare of a demon.
  • The violence is very in your face and unrelenting. During the crucifixion blood spurts out of Jesus' palms when he is nailed. When a Roman can't get his arms aligned to the cross' hole, he violently pulls it (where we hear bone breaking). This bit is unnerving.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There are 2 men near only with underwear

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When Jesus dies, Satan is immediately screaming with the camera pointing out his face.

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