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Sweet fuuny nice pleasant comedy
anjshaik2 January 2006
This is a nice sweet movie very funny acting by both Fardeen Khan and Kareena Kapoor she looked really cute and funny to watch Surya SJ did a good job even the songs are a little good overall funny acting funny situations it can get a little cheesy sometimes and lose the audience's grip a bit but i still enjoyed it anyone who's looking for a pleasant laugh this movie is for you and if you think Kareena's hot this is a fun pleasant movie about how you can fall in love if you reamin too close to a person and the director has a funny way of showing it i thoroughly enjoyed this movie and if anybody makes a comment on this website i hope that they enjoyed it too a funny laugh a little action by Fardeen Khan and Kareena Kapoor amazing really looked beautiful in this movie good movie worth a watch
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lastlooklove21 December 2008
Where do I start? Fardeen Khan is easily one of the worst actors in Bollywood. Why do directors still give him roles when he hasn't done a performance worth remembering? Kareena was also bad! She screams herself silly in every second scene of project she participates in, an action unintentionally designed to make the audience go deaf. When she makes hideous faces at the camera every two minutes, you wish someone would make the burkha a mandatory covering for her visage.

Both Kareena and Karisma started their careers as go-getting divas, but whereas the elder sibling has proved her mettle with unforgettable cinematic performances over the years, Kareena is all talk and little talent in this film. It wasn't until years later, Kareena started to do better films and improved in acting.

I absolutely loved all the songs. The music is the best part of the film.

All in all, if you're really bored and if you really need to kill some time then I suggest you see this otherwise I'd avoid it!
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Goofy, funny, film starring the most beautiful woman in Bollywood
david_makinster14 November 2005
OK, so this film is not a profound riff on human nature or a dazzling innovation in movie making, but so what? It is consistently funny in a dare-to-be-goofy way. Kareena Kapoor is clearly the most beautiful woman in the world (sorry, Aishwarya), and can be silly on camera without coming off as dim or unappealing. Fardeen Kahn is the perfect romantic and comedic foil for Bebo in this off-beat story. Amrish Puri is as good as you would expect, and he and Fardeen play off each other beautifully. The musical numbers are fun, sometimes sexy and sometimes too weird for words, but always entertaining. And isn't entertainment what Bollywood does so well? Lighten up! Have a little Kushi!
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