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Sex & Nudity

  • Steve-O sets Dee's bare breasts on fire. Later on in the scene we see Dee fully naked with pubic region visible. She runs across the room and jumps on Steve-O's back. At one of the tour stops women in the front row flash the camera repeatedly. Dee flashes the camera and jumps on stage, showing her thong. Wee Man licks her buttocks. Steve-O's room mate goes on stage naked and gets kicked in the bare testicles. Steve-O's room mate gets naked and rubs his genitals in someone's face. Steve-O dances naked over his friend's bed. We see a fully nude woman get into a hot tub. We see a montage of women flashing their breasts at the camera and getting their boobs signed. We see a man's bare testicles. Lots of frequent graphic nudity in this film.

Violence & Gore

  • Steve-O cuts himself on some broken glass and bam gets blood on him. A man sets his testicles on fire. People get kicked in the bare testicles, and fans get punched and smacked on stage. Steve-O balances a ladder on his chin and gets a chair thrown at him. Steve-O falls out of a trash can and into some shrubbery and breaks his clavical. Steve-O shows his bloody and scraped back after performing many stunts.


  • Around 30 or more f-words, and many many other milder profanities

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In 2 instances we see Steve-O smoking. There are several references to drug use, and there's pranks in which people are tricked into smoking pubic hair. We see several people in the movie drinking, getting drunk, fighting, and being destructive

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Man beaten over the head with skateboard, man sets his testicles on fire.

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