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MPAA Rated R for pervasive strong brutal violence and language, sexuality and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman's thong is shown sticking out of the back of her jeans as she bends over to do some laundry, which entices a guy to walk over and pull down her jeans begin going down on her. We see a flash of her pubic hair as the guy kisses between her legs, and then stands up and begins to have sex with With her. We see a view of her backside in her thong.
  • As Joey walks into his house, he jokingly asks an elderly family member if he had been masturbating to a women's workout program on television.
  • A man's naked butt is seen as he thrusts into his woman during rough intercourse in the laundry room. This scene is short but very graphic and includes shots so close up that you can see the blond hairs on his butt in the sun light.
  • A man spanks a woman several times. There is a scene with a boy being forced into a sexual situation beyond his will and says he will not "touch it". There is a reference from a man talking to a boy about getting laid.
  • Bare breasts, butts and a vagina are briefly shown in a strip club on several women throughout the scene.
  • There is a subplot with two pedophiles. It is implied that they kidnap and rape children or force the children to perform sexual acts on each other, and then videotape all of it before killing them. We see video tapes in their home, implying that they videotaped themselves raping children, or the children performing sexual acts. All of this is heavily implied, but never shown. We see two kidnapped children dressed up and wearing adult make-up.
  • There's a subplot involving a prostitute that can be seen in a skimpy outfit.
  • There is frank discussion of sexual acts.

Violence & Gore

  • Brutal and graphic bloody violence throughout.
  • There is a lot of gunfire in this film. There is a scene with kids fighting each other. It shows a men being shot in the featured movie The Cowboys. A boy is almost hit by a man which he then yells at him. A boy is in handcuffs and a bag tied around his head. There is a knife held to a boy's face. There is a re-enaction of someone being beaten with a baseball bat but it is blurry and brief. There is a man shown blown up by a bomb purposely.
  • A boy is shown riding in a car with blood on his clothes and he is breathing heavily. A man is shown sitting next to him. His face is very bloody and his clothes are soaked with blood.
  • A man is hit in the gut and the back of the head with the butt of a shotgun.
  • A man is kicked in the chest hard and has the wind knocked out of him.
  • A man pulls out a knife and slices another man's ankle open. The man falls to the ground as blood sprays out of the wound. The attacked man accidentally fires his shotgun and hits one of his men in the chest, making blood splatter everywhere.
  • A man pulls out a machete and jumps to attack a man with shotgun. The man fires the shotgun into the other man's chest, causing it to explode and sending the man flying across the room. He hits the wall and leave a huge bloody splatter as he lands.
  • A man blows another man's head apart with a shotgun, causing blood and brain matter to fly everywhere.
  • A man points a .38 revolver at another man's crotch and fires it.
  • A man shoots another man in the leg with a 9mm pistol, which squirts blood.
  • A man is shot in the chest several times by a 9mm pistol as he slips in a puddle of blood.
  • An injured man is kicked in the chest and stomped on. Another man then puts a large magnum handgun to his head and fires it. The gunshot is not shown, but blood is shown spraying all over the attacker.
  • A crazed man punches his wife in the face, breaking her nose.
  • A bullet rips through a window, barely missing a man's hand.
  • A boy shoots his father in the shoulder with a gun.
  • Bloody rags are shown on a table in a hospital.
  • A bloody bullet is shown in a bowl in a hospital.
  • A large black man comes into a room and holds a gun to a boy's head while yelling racial slurs at him.
  • Several men get into a gun fight. Nothing is shown, but the flashes from the guns being fired can be seen through a door way.
  • Two dead, bloody men who were killed in the aforementioned gun fight are shown on the ground.
  • A pimp repeatedly hits a hooker across the face with a book until her face is bloody. He then smashes he face into a car headlight, cutting the side of her face open.
  • A hooker hits a pimp over the head with a large metal object, knocking him out.
  • A man slams his son into a wall during an argument. He does not injure him.
  • A man holds a woman and her son hostage while trying to find another man. He does not harm them, he just yells at them.
  • A crazed man slaps his son across the face.
  • A boy throws a bowl of ice cream at his father's face and then pushes a table over on top of him.
  • A man breaks into a room and holds a group of men hostage with a large gun.
  • A man grabs one of the hostages by the head and slams him into a table.
  • One of the hostages gives the attacker the middle finger. The attacker grabs the man's finger and breaks it.
  • A man throws another man into a concrete wall, knocking him over.
  • The man with the blowtorch gets punched in the gut, causing him to drop the blowtorch, which lights his leg on fire.
  • A woman finds body bags, knives and children's costumes in a closet. It is assumed to the viewer that the pedophiles dress up the children in the costumes and then kill them, all while videotaping it.
  • A mother shoots the pedophiles many times with the gun, spraying blood all over the room.
  • A man hits another man across the head with a gun and then holds it to his neck.
  • A man shoots a friend of the attacked man's in the head, leaving a bloody bullet wound on his forehead.
  • A man is repeatedly struck in the face with a hockey puck on an ice skating rink. A pool of blood is shown under his head.
  • A man takes off his shirt to reveal a tattoo of John Wayne. Another man pulls out a gun and shoots the man through the eyes on the tattoo. Blood is shown dripping down the man's back as he falls to the ground.
  • A man slides across ice while pulling out a gun. A man behind him fires a shotgun into his back, causing his chest to explode.
  • The shot man shoots another man in the face several times, spraying blood everywhere.
  • The shot man is shot again in the arm.
  • The shotgun wielding man is shot repeatedly by a man with a 9mm.
  • As he is falling, the shotgun wielding man fires his shotgun, blowing the 9mm wielding man's head apart.
  • Two men wrestle over a shotgun.
  • A man is shot several times in the chest with a 9mm.
  • A hockey player tackles a man to the ground and hits him in the head with his stick.
  • A man bites another man's ear off and spits it in his face.
  • A man shoots a a hockey player several times in the back, spraying blood.
  • Another hockey players kicks the gun out of the man's hand and slashes his chest with his skate. He then tries to choke him with his stick.
  • A man headbutts another man in the face, breaking his nose.
  • A man shoots a hockey player in the back of the head with a shotgun, resulting in a quick bloody splatter.
  • A man blows another man's head off with a shotgun. This is not seen, but blood is shown spraying everywhere.
  • A man throws a piece of cake at a pimp. He then grabs his arm and twists it while repeatedly kicking him in the gut.
  • A man headbutts a hooker in the face, breaking her nose causing a large glob of blood to fly off her face.
  • A man throws a hooker at another hooker, knocking her out.
  • A pimps shoots at the man and the boy, hitting the man in the chest. The man the jumps on the pimp and slits his throat. We see the pimp lying in a pool of blood later.
  • A man is shown bleeding heavily from the gunshot wound he has just received.
  • A woman detonates a bomb in her garage, killing herself.


  • There are about 7 uses of c*cksucker, possibly another mumbled, 5 uses of f*ggot, 2 references to masturbation, and 1 middle finger as well as sexual references to d*ck, tw*t. p*ssy etc...
  • Pervasive strong language is present throughout the film.
  • Moderate language is used, including "shit", "bastard", "damn", "hell", "asshole", and "bitch".
  • Children are portrayed swearing.
  • A few derogatory slurs are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are 10 smoking scenes as well as 3 drinking scenes. There is also a scene where a man seems to be testing drugs.
  • Many scenes involving the consumption of alcohol and the smoking of tobacco products.
  • Many references to gangster producing crystal meth.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many graphic and bloody scenes of violence.
  • Lots of threatening scenes.
  • The scenes involving the pedophiles/kidnappers are very disturbing.
  • The pedophile scenes are disturbing.
  • Overall, a very intense film.
  • A boy holds a gun to a pimp's face and pulls the trigger. However, the gun is empty.
  • A pimps points a gun at a boy.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man passes out from bleeding and crashes his car into a bunch of garbage cans.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man holds a shotgun to another man's head while yelling at him.

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