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Ha ha ha
DominqueZarinha2 July 2008
Oh my goodness, this show is quite funny I must say. Being that I'm West Indian, Trinidad to be exact, seeing the many West Indian elements of this show, which is set in Canada, it is quite refreshing. Dennis "Spragalang" Hall is his usual light-natured self as the church's head pastor. Sister Hope is your typical senior church member, every now and then, she indulges the usual church gossip. Rachel Price is wonderful as the youth pastor Gooding's wife. Pastor Gooding is a clueless youth pastor who never has any idea what to do, if there's a problem, he makes it bigger. Kent and Crystal are also very refreshing to see, Kent, being a young man trying to find his way and Crystal, a young girl, dealing with the many issues of adolescence. And of course, there's Russell Peters, who plays Ryan. He is one of the prime characters that add humour to this show, in a sort of sexual and indecent kind of way. It's a lovely show, nothing spectacular, but good show all in all.
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