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pretty straightforward propaganda piece
yourhumbleservant9911 May 2006
Although it's available on a GoodTimes "Best of Sci-Fi Cartoons", I really have no idea what this short has to do with sci-fi, since it consists of dragons, which are usually thought of as fantasy. The storyline of the cartoon is super-basic, consists of the nasty clique of dragons, complete with head bully "Dragoon" and sleazy females, all of whom celebrate cigarettes. Meanwhile, our hero, the individualist and non-conformist, "Dragknight", refuses to have anything to do with the clique, and eventually defeats Dragoon at arm-wrestling and racing, which obviously proves that smoking is bad and evil.

The quality of the animation is - well, let's be generous and say pretty worthless. The jazz music may be of interest to aficionados, but the recording quality is equally poor. This one is easily missed for those who aren't interested for historical reasons.
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My bet is that this didn't affect smoking rates in the least
MartinHafer25 January 2016
"The Huffless Puffless Dragon" is an early propaganda film aimed at keeping kids from smoking. It's told in sort of a beatnik style with very cheap 1960s style animation. Most importantly, its message about the ills of smoking comes off as rather stupid and I am pretty sure kids ignored it completely.

The story is brief. All the dragons in the cartoon smoke because it's cool...all but one. So the biggest and baddest dragon challenges this weirdo to some competitions and the non-smoking dragon wins because smoking is terrible for you.

Heavyhanded and dull...a bad combination along with poor animation. I can easily see how this cartoon has fallen into the public domain.

By the way, the BEST anti-smoking campaign would consist of parents and totally uncool actors all smoking and saying how wonderful it is. The oppositional teens will be mortified and never smoke again!
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