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Sex & Nudity

  • Sensual song - (Is Tarah Deewane) - Woman is shown wearing a tight shirt that's tied in a knot exposing her abdomen, she is also wearing shorts. She is seen swaying her hips sensually as a man appears and descends down the stairs towards her. The couple embrace and the man pushes the woman from her lower back into his crotch (close up of her face is shown). The woman turns around as the man grabs her abdomen, she breaks free and continues swaying her hips sensually. The man walks over and embraces her before they fall onto the bed (the woman on top of the man), the man turns the woman over and kisses her neck. Woman is shown swimming wearing a bikini, we see her climb out of the water in slow motion, her cleavage is emphasised as she's doing this. The camera then goes in for an close up and tracks the woman from her face down to her lower back and back up to her face, the woman then walks to the man and they embrace. Later the woman is shown wearing a black sari, the man's face goes down to her abdomen before he puts his back to a wall and pulls the woman towards him so she is facing forward. The woman is shown briefly grinding into his crotch. The song cuts to the man picking the woman put and taking her to a bed where he kisses her around the face (sex is implied).
  • Sensual song - (Rain Rain) - [within the song the four lead characters - 2 women and 2 men - are at a club where the theme is rain, so rain is falling on the people clubbing] One of the women is briefly shown swaying her ass in slow motion, she is wearing tight shorts.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is threatened by a police officer that he'll be shot dead by accident and shoots on a jail bar and bullets hits other directions to demonstrate that bullet can be shot at him as well.
  • There's a elongated scene where the lead antagonist hijacks a train and takes several people as hostages to create terror and carries out a series of bomb blasts. A man commits suicide in front of police station.
  • Lots of strong violence with usage of guns, knives and bombings added with detailed injuries. A man chews a razor blade and spits the pieces of blade on another man leaving him with cuts and bruises on his face and his face is burned with acid (the victim can be seen writhing in pain). The climax fight is disturbing.


  • Mild language throughout. Many references of religious terms and Jihadism.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes of the film might be quite disturbing. The climax of the film has a hostage/terrorism theme in which the passengers of the train are threatened with a bomb planted in it.

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