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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman engage in a sadomasochistic sexual practice, in which the woman whips the man (the latter is a masochist and visibly enjoys the torture). He is seen nude for a while during this scene.
  • A young man bare butt is visible for a few seconds in a scene implying he just had sex.
  • A woman and a young man have sex twice during the movie. In the first occasion, we see a post-sex scene in which both are lying in bed, semi-covered by the blanket; her bare breasts. In the other scene, the couple starts kissing in bed (they are both completely clothed); shortly after the scene ends, implying they have sex.
  • The Countess is implied to have a sexual relationship with another woman from time to time. They are seen in the same bedroom the morning after it was implied they have slept together, however both women are clothed and there is no intimate moment pictured. The woman seems to be in love with The Countess, and will do favours for her if she can sleep together with her.
  • The Countess asks two girls if they are virgins.
  • Subjects like having a lover, and infidelity are discussed.

Violence & Gore

  • The story is about a mad, bloodthirsty lady who murders countless young females for their pure virgin blood, in order to prevent aging. The Countess kills hundreds of girls, most of which are adolescents and children; we see about 6-7 of all the murders. Her castle's basements are filled with the rotting bodies of the people she killed; a man graphically speaks about it, telling another man that he wouldn't want to see this: "bodies of children in putrefaction, with eyes devoured by maggots" (we do not see any of it).
  • A little girl takes a chick and buries it alive (very disturbing). Afterwards we see the chick rotting away with maggots.
  • A man is decapitated with a sword and blood sprays out (brief but graphic).
  • A dead little girl is seen being ripped apart and eaten by wolves (rather graphic).
  • The Countess slices the throat of a girl (a lot of blood spills out).
  • Two women and one man are condemned to be killed: the man by decapitation, the women by strangulation (we do not see it).
  • A man and a woman engage in a sadomasochistic sexual practice, in which the woman whips the man (the latter is a masochist and visibly enjoys the torture).
  • The Countess cuts the skin above one of her breasts and inserts a lock of hair in it; she then proceeds to sew up the deep cut, closing it (the whole sequence is very graphic and bloody).
  • The Countess scratches her fingers on a wall and blood comes out of her fingertips; she then sucks on it.


  • Rude language is very infrequent and mild.
  • A few non-graphic sexual references.
  • The Countess frequently prays God and talks to him; more than once she wonders if he really exists. This could upset very religious people.
  • The implied lesbian relationship The Countess has with another woman might disturb those against homosexuality.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Wine drinking at dinners and parties.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the movie is intense and disturbing.
  • Some scenes are bloody and/or upsetting.
  • A few scenes can be considered emotional.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The Countess hits on of her servants in the face and she bleeds. The same girl is slowly bled to death as The Countess collects her blood. She is seen lying in bed really pale, weak and sick before finally dying.
  • The Countess is walled, still alive, inside a room of the castle, judged guilty of murder and condemned to die a slow, lonely death. At the end of the movie we see her lying in a pool of blood (she died presumably of blood loss after a self-provoked injury). We later see her as she is thrown recklessly in a grave, then buried.

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