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Battle of the Exes (#2.13)
ComedyFan20108 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Carla's ex husband Nick is getting married and invites her to the wedding. She is upset because she is alone and doesn't want to be like a loser at the wedding, so she ends up going with Sam. They do a great job acting as a perfect couple and Nick even comes to Carla asking to take him back, but she doesn't.

Great episode. The beginning when Carla comes and puts a sweater over everyone's head is hilarious itself. Her ex husband is so sleazy that one really doesn't wonder why Sam agreed to help her, although it is so sweet that he does, they sure are a great gang always for each other. And the ending scene of Sam and Carla isn't bad, one gets why the moment went to the kiss but it is great that they can just stay friends.
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The Wedding
Hitchcoc14 August 2019
This is the first appearance of Nick Tortelli, Carla's ex-husband. He has met a tall blonde ding dong named Loretta and they are going to be married. Carla knows he is trying to rub her nose in it, so she gets Sam to come as her date to the wedding. We get that interesting byplay that Carla and Nick will have again. There is a touching moment between Sam and Carla.
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