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Drawing Room Comedy
Hitchcoc26 August 2019
Drake comes to the bar. He offers Sam a chance to sail on board his yacht. He insists that Sam take Rebecca. Of course, our girl only has eyes for the rich guy. She goes but Sam brings along a dental hygienist, insisting it's his sister. So there is the setup. Things, of course, go haywire, but it is pretty funny.
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talula106029 November 2019
Skerritt is great in this episode as he is in all the episodes he appears in. Unfortunately, Rebecca's chasing Mr Drake storyline has long since run out of gas. I realize they used this story arc to make Rebecca more foolish and silly but it really got annoying after the first few episodes. She threw herself at him several episodes ago and he let her know then that he wasn't interested in her. Somehow that was all forgotten the next episode when she acted as though nothing had ever happened. Her constant whining about Evan in this episode is silly because she never even tried to speak to him let alone tell him she's interested. Most ridiculous of all, she's there under the guise of being Sam's girlfriend. Does she honestly think Drake would be receptive to her switching rooms while Sam is right there? Especially considering that he really seems to like Sam and considers him a friend. This entire episode would have been better if not for Rebecca's constant whining over Drake.
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Yacht of Fools (#6.16)
ComedyFan20103 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Drake invites Sam to go with him on a boat and bring Rebecca because Evan thinks the two are dating. But Sam also wants to bring a girl who he was after for a few days. So he brings her by saying it is his sister. Only Evan becomes interested in her which upsets both Rebecca and Sam. At the end he doesn't go through with it but someone still stand in the way of Sam's luck.

Fun episode. Although Sam's idea to bring this girl on the boat was so stupid. Just as it was for Rebecca to believe that something could happen with her and Evan when he thinks she is on a date with Sam. Still those stupidities brought us a lot of laughter in this episode. The episode is sure titled correctly.
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Sam Bangs His Sister
Bolesroor29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sam and Rebecca join Evan Drake at sea for a weekend of romantic misunderstandings. This is a very good episode, and one of the first I can remember watching during "Cheers" original run. It was a nice time to get away from the bar and enjoy a new locale. Sam's "sister" Julie wins the award for the most horrific 80's fright-wig in history, and her wandering hairstyle is different in almost every shot. Her shameless greed and lust is admirable and I would have loved to see more of this character.

Meanwhile back at Cheers Woody falls for the old birthday gag. "What are the odds that those four people all have the same birthday as... Cliff and me?" Back on the boat determined slut Julie refuses to sleep with her brother Sam in order to pursue Evan Drake, but when Evan gets a severe conscience attack she makes sex with the Cabana Boy instead. Okay, Evan's speech is a little holier-than-thou... were they setting his character up to be Pope? Is he an executive or saint? A nice violent sight gag ends the episode and we're on our way back to port.

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