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The day the music came alive!
joh_kor14 September 2006
An evening in January 1964 is when music really began for me. It will always be etched into my memory. It was a cold and stormy night (really) in the small Ohio town we lived in. I was babysitting my two younger brothers and had finally convinced them to go to bed. I was left alone to watch my choice of two TV channels available off the air. Weather permitting a third channel out of Cinncinnatti would come in, but not that night thank heavens. Jack Paar was the lesser of two evils to watch that night. He said he was going to show a film clip of a "band who is causing quite a stir in England". And then there they were on stage in that small auditorium. The crowd was going wild. Girls were screaming and jumping around. I had not seen anything like that in my fifteen years. Four mop tops in suits flung themselves into a song the likes of which I hadn't heard either. "She loves you yea, yea, yea". I sat up on the couch and leaned forward in amazement as the music poured over me. That sound, harmony and energy just could not be coming out of a four piece band. But it was. And I was astonished. And when the song was finished they bowed in unison! Jack said they called themselves the Beatles. What a stupid name, I thought, but I didn't care. That performance was great. I had never heard of them. Nobody had. Their music had not been released in the U.S. yet but I knew I was through with American pop music and sappy crooners' mournful puppy love songs. That was the day music came alive for me. Thank you.
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