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Sex & Nudity

  • Sexual humor throughout the series.
  • After Cj drinks numerous drinks at a party, he dances and kisses Janine (During this time they are divorced, but didn't want to miss the party), then they arrive home late, everyone is asleep, and they get on the couch and kiss, and are on top of each other, the episode was to be continued (Implying that they had sex). When the episode starts back up, Janine and Cj start talking about how the sex was to their friends. They both say positive things about the sex.
  • Kissing throughout the series.
  • Curtis sometimes says 'tadadad' which basically means 'tap that ass'. (After Ella asks what 'tadadad' means, he waves his hand in the air and the other hand is in the air above his other hand, looking like he is holding onto someone's shoulders, while spanking.
  • Curtis says 'Make it rain' in a few episodes.
  • Strippers and prostitute are brought up sometimes,
  • At Calvin's Bachelor party at In the Cut, strippers come in and dance around Calvin in skimpy outfits.
  • Cj doesn't pay any attention to Janine, so Mirada tell her to text him pictures of herself, Miranda says to Make 'love' to the camera while taking pictures of Janine. After the pictures are sent, Cj rushes home and walks in to the house and gets on top of Janine, nothing happens after that, because he then realizes that Miranda is there.
  • 6 weeks after Miranda had the baby, Calvin hints to Miranda that he wants to have sex, they don't because she says her body wasn't the same after the baby.
  • Before Malik goes to college, Curtis, Cj, and Calvin buy him condoms, Cj says that when you go to college, you usually have sex.
  • When Malik arrives at his dorm, a girl shows up, and says, 'Which one of you am I going to share a room with?', Curtis starts to dance, and Malik does as well, they imply of sex. After she knows she'll be sharing a dorm with a boy, she still asks 'Which bed do you want?'
  • Malik and Kevin invite girls over, they talk about the sex rumors that have been going around school, nothing happens, and they try to leave to go back to school, but Ella was out there almost in the house. They hide in Malik's room, and when Ella find out there are girls back in his room, she gives them a speech on sex saying that it isn't a game, you should wait until you're married, and kids at the age of 14 having sex can get AID's just like anyone else.
  • Malik is communicating with a 'girl' over the internet with Kevin, and says 'her' name is Stephanie, and invited 'her' over, and when he lets 'her' in, it is a male. (He is a a homosexual pedophile) Kevin leaves out the back door, and 'Stephanie' chases Malik around the house, trying to have sex with him. Kevin comes back with Calvin and Cj coming in, and Cj punches him to the ground kicking him. (This is not shown, he gets thrown down behind the sofa. See 'Violence and Gore' for more details)
  • There is an episode where Malik brings home a friend that is pregnant from child abduction from her Step father.
  • Curtis says he hasn't had sex in over 2 months.
  • A doctor tells Calvin that he has a low sperm count.
  • Miranda's keyword for having sex is 'Make coffee' in an episode. But when they arrive at the doctors office she asks him to make some coffee, and he takes off his pants and says 'Right here?' But she tells him she actually wanted him to make her some coffee.
  • There is an episode where Curtis has difficulty having sex. There is some penis and sex humor in this episode, and Ella have a few attempts at sex (Is shown, but lights are turned out)
  • The firemen at the firehouse speak sexual often.
  • Angel says 'How would feel if I walked around naked?' because she say Bart naked in the shower (Not shown, but heard)
  • There is an episode on masterbation. Lots of masterbation jokes in this episode.
  • Some talk about PMS.
  • Mrs. Jamison says that she is celibate, there is some sexual humor in this episode. Example: "You're never going to park your car in my garage." Which is of course referring to sex.

Violence & Gore

  • Curtis hits almost every character in the series, but is meant for comedy. He usually only hits Calvin and Malik. Some other characters hit other characters as well. (Ella hits Malik a lot when she finds out there were 2 girls in his room. Check 'Sex and Nudity' section for more details). All the hits usually go on their head, or he slaps them.
  • Malik and Kevin want to go to a movie, when they leave to go to the movie, Kevin gets hit by a car. He is seen in the hospital, nothing bad shows up on screen.
  • When 'Stephanie' gets thrown to the ground, Cj punches him numerous of times, but Calvin stops him. (Go to 'Sex and Nudity' and 'Profanity' section for more details).
  • A building explodes from a fire with a man in it, and he dies.
  • Cj is stuck in a burning building, stuck under wood that caved in on him.
  • Talk about a boy almost killing himself because DeShawn gave him a black eye


  • Profanity is used in every episode. (Especially towards the end of the series)
  • Curtis usually swears in almost every episode, usually saying hell, occasionally he says 'What the hell', and is only meant for comedy.
  • A kid says shit, and hell, but both is bleeped out because he's a minor.
  • There is an episode when Calvin Jr. is in the hospital, and Tracy says, ass and hell more than once, and when Janine approaches her, she says, 'shouldn't you be smoking crack somewhere?'
  • Curtis makes a remark saying to do that, you'd have to have big 'nuts'.
  • Curtis says 'tadadad' often, referring to 'Tap that ass'. (See 'Sex and Nudity' section for more details)
  • Calvin uses num chucks at the crackhouse at hits himself in the head, and Curtis says 'You're whipping your own ass'.
  • When 'Stephanie' is thrown to the ground, Cj punches him and calls him a son of a bitch.
  • Curtis says Malik is gay because he say him wearing a tutu.
  • Oh my God, and crap is used sometimes.
  • Curtis makes lots of biblical jokes. Example: 'You know what the Bible says, go to Hell.'. Some can be offensive to religious people.
  • Madea calls Curtis a Jackass.
  • There is an episode where Curtis and Janine's mom make fat and skinny jokes, only for comical reasons.
  • All profanity used: hell, ass, shit, bitch, damn, jackass, bastard ,gay, pissed, nuts, & lesbian.
  • Other humor: Stupid, idiot, dork, fat, etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Throughout the whole series, Janine has a crack addiction, and she is shown at a crackhouse with other crackheads.
  • Curtis and Floyd find old weed in Curtis's garage, they do smoke the weed on screen, but they get caught, and Curtis has to help Ella remove the weeds from her plants. Floyd finds more, but Curtis tears it up.
  • Curtis makes crackhead jokes a lot throughout the series, like, 'Crack' of dawn, She 'cracks' me up, and there are at least 5 other ones.
  • Whenever Janine says 'Everyone makes mistakes' (After she was off crack), Curtis says 'I guess you would know about that, Janine'.
  • Curtis drinks bear throughout the series (Other characters as well)
  • When Kiki's brother (Darnel) works at the barbershop, In the Cut, we see him trade weed for money after Kiki leaves the room.
  • Lots of talk of drugs, weed and crack mostly.
  • When Janine comes back to live with Curtis (to be with CJ, Jasmine, and Malik), she goes to Malik and Jasmines school after Malik told her not too, because the kids kept making crack jokes about her, but she comes anyway. He gets numerous texts of crack head jokes, they aren't shown, but Curtis reads them. One of the jokes is, 'Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the crack on the other side'. He does read about 3 more.
  • Cj drinks numerous drinks at a party, to see more, check 'Sex and Nudity' section
  • Calvin talks about his friend, Pookie, getting high.
  • After a few episodes in the first season, Janine comes in the early morning, and sniffs her hand, implying that there was crack on it.
  • Janine is high in the episodes where nobody knows she's been doing crack. She is very angry sometimes, but sometimes very happy.
  • Blue says to Janine, 'You know what I have in my pocket' when at the crackhouse. He is of course referring to crack.
  • Malik has friends over to smoke; However, they don't smoke.
  • Calvin throws a party and a college girl chugs down wine. Drugs are used in this episode frequently. Also when Calvin leaves, there is a game called 'Power Hour', which is how much wine can you chug in an hour. (Not shown, but aftermath is shown)
  • A young kid takes pills to kill himself because of bullying. (See Violence & Gore for more details)
  • Curtis takes PMS pills on accident.
  • Curtis takes PMS pills (again) and acts like a woman throughout the episode.
  • Curtis is in Christmas future, and sees Ella smoke, and is high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Crackhouse visits may be frightening to children, considering what goes on there and why they are there.
  • Malik and Kyle steal Curtis's new motorcycle, and he charges them with Grand Theft Auto. When they are in court, Kyle gets 5 years in jail, and Malik gets 2 years because he's a 'beginner' at theft. This scene can be emotional to some.
  • Show can be very emotional at times.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Calvin gets shot in the last episode (See Frightening & Intense Scenes for more details)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the last episode, Janine goes out and tries to get high

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Calvin gets shot in the last episode. 2 bullet holes are in his chest and blood pools are all around him.

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