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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, drug and alcohol content, sexual material and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Whilst no sexual activity is seen on screen, it is heavily implied throughout.
  • The school's "Posh Totty" clique is overtly sexually aggressive, with the girls walking around in skimpy lingerie.
  • The headmistress and the minister kiss and make love -- it's not graphic, but you do see his naked rear end..
  • An older schoolgirl is seen adjusting her disheveled clothing after 'getting information' from a security expert.
  • There are references to 'shagging'.
  • A con-artist poses as a homosexual and receives a 'come on' from another male looking to exploit him.
  • An older man ends up with his trousers round his ankles in his underwear as a result of a comedic misdemeanor in the presence of half-dressed schoolgirls who mistake it for spying and sexual activity.
  • One thinly veiled reference to oral sex during a one sided telephone conversation from a schoolgirl.
  • An schoolgirl winks at an older man.
  • A new girl in the school is tricked into running through the corridors naked while viewed by others on surveillance, although nudity is obscured.
  • A dog rubs vigorously against a man's leg and it's ejaculation is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl is dropped from her ankles over a bannister of a high floor, this is in the background of a scene and used for comedic effect. We do not see what happened to her
  • A girl takes a shot of illegal vodka that's been said to have killed people, she begins to choke, freak out, then collapse as a result. It's unclear whether she died or not and the scene's played for laughs.
  • Skulls and shrunken heads are seen on display
  • At the "worst school in Britain," girls are held by their ankles over stair rails, dragged around by farm equipment, etc.
  • Scene of a rather violent field hockey match with scenes such as a ball being deliberately swung at a rival character's head as well as an angry character bulling and head-butting rival pupils during the match.
  • An animal is kicked out a window and flies/falls into a lawnmower (although no details of it's demise are shown).
  • The younger girls make bombs for an elaborate heist that the students have concocted to steal a Vermeer painting.
  • The phys ed skills include target shooting with semi-automatic weapons.


  • Characters behave profainly throughout. There are refrences to shagging and older pupils are seen behaving with sexual motives. A charecter mistakes the word 'count' for a vulgar word for vagina, replying 'He sounds like one'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol use implied in most scenes.
  • Younger schoolgirls brew alcohol illegally while an older schoolgirl tests it.
  • A celebratory school party's aftermath reveals scattered beer and spirit bottles and pupils passed out.
  • An older character refers to nights out implying either drug or alcohol use.
  • Schoolgirls lace rival pupils drinks with hallucinogenic drugs and the effects of this are treated comically.
  • A female character twice offers 'upper and downers' to older characters in the film in the presence of minors, the second of which has results that are treated comically.
  • The headmistress is seen lighting what appears to be a large joint.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing of concern. But it may inspire younger children incorrectly. Or perhaps correctly, depending on one's perspective.

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