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M&Ms and politics
carly_hope24 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was a seriously awesome episode. The case Mac, Stella and Hawkes handled was pretty twisted and the end result quite unexpected and scary - in a way. and there was Flack on the case - yippee!

And then there was the other case. the one with bugs. cockroaches specifically. this one was even more twisted then the "poisoned under a guillotine" that Mac handled. and Flack was on it too. double yippee!!!

but the best thing about this episode was the fact that DL was back. they had a case together. they were together during the bigger part of their screen time. and they were as amazing as ever. flirting. bantering. even touching. not intimate but comfortable. what a joy for a shipper. Carmine and Anna seriously rock.

it was pure pleasure to watch this episode. funny, intriguing with just a touch of that little something.
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A Plug For Carmen Giovinazzo As 'Danny Messer'
ccthemovieman-122 October 2007
This third season hasn't been consistent like the first two but what I do like, consistently, is the character "Danny Messer." He's always entertaining, realistically New York and a likable, normal "average Joe." Carmen Giovinanno does a great job with that role every week. Sometimes it's just the looks on his face but whatever he does and says comes off very realistic.

Whatever. There are two crimes in this episode: one is a poisoning at a fund-raising French reception at the UN and other involves a young chef murdered in the wine cellar of a restaurant. A corkscrew is found in his chest. The latter case was more interesting, I thought, especially after a live cockroach comes crawling out of the mouth of the victim and the insect has very expensive gems on its body. Yeah.....all you can do is shake your head in amazement. What's next on this show?

Would-be lovers Danny and Lindsay take that case while the team of Mac, Stella, Hawkes and Flack try to figure out how this woman got poisoned at the party. The interesting part was in the beginning of the show when the ill-feeling lady was put in guillotine for "show." However, the blade didn't kill her: poisoned candy did. It turns out to be a case involving an ultra-rich 15-year-old and the people responsible for her care. It looks like either one of those people, or the kid, is guilty. This turns out to be a complicated matter.

The other case - with the "roachbroach," which is worth over $100,000 - bugged me too much to discuss. Gee, now I sound like the people in this show. That's the kind of "ouch" lines in here, all the time now. I didn't find the ending of this case that satisfying, either.

P.S. Is Danny making any progress trying to get Lyndsay to be his girl? Well, it's still working on it.....but you can progress!
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