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Total circus with no accountability
mpboylanjr-5403827 July 2019
First off the athletes are talking about being NFL players when none of them have the mind set or drive to be professionals. They are loosely coached, and play very mediocre talent in their divisions. They fight each other and their coaches. After games they lose they fight each other and the other teams and cannot take loss which is all fundamental and basic parts of being an athlete in general. I get it's just junior college, but it's no excuse and if they want to go play with the big boys at real universities then they just need to look at those athletes and how they carry themselves on and off the field. The staff is a whole other disaster. They let the one guy go back into a game in which he was knocked out cold. With all the head injury science that is at the forefront of football I don't know how that's possible. You have what seems to be an alcoholic head coach who curses way to much for effect and would rather be excepted by his black athletes as one of them than he does actually coaching proper football and how to be real men. I know he was praised for having a winning season and bringing this program out of the shadows but these "athletes" are turning the school and it's program into a "hood" atmosphere. It sure does make for great shock value and good television though.
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