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Sex & Nudity

  • The heroine opens clothes (not too much) and goes close to hero to have sex. But interrupted by hero's sleeping.
  • Men are seeing forcefully torturing girls. No Nudity Shown
  • A girl is raped off-screen.
  • Inside a room, it is implied that a man had sex with a group of women.He is seen nude with some women going out from the room. Then he is seen wearing clothes.

Violence & Gore

  • Severe Violence Executed Throughout !
  • There are a few bloody scenes. Kinda moderate. Lots of stabbing with blood spurts. That kinda thing.
  • A man throws gases from cylinder in a place where several people dies. Then his gang came and killed remaining others. High bloodshed.
  • The hero enters a building breaking it's window. A piece slabbs a man.
  • Many goons killed in the opening fight scene. High bloodshed.
  • A boy is thrown from upstairs, though he was saved with mild injury.
  • The villain stabs a man continuously with knife inside a car.
  • There is a shootout scene inside a pub. High bloodshed.
  • A fight scene inside bathroom. People are heavily injured.
  • A car's tyre punctures and it crashes. Another car also crashed with it.
  • A group of bikers are crashed with a car. A truck also collides resulting in crashing of other bikes.
  • A mutilated body is shown partially. Intense for young viewers.
  • A helicopter crashes first into a water tower, then in the ground.
  • The Sword fighting scene is brutal full of bloodshed. People are slashed,their hands, legs are cut
  • Inside a Hotel, some people are slashed with weapons.
  • A man is killed with a big hammer off-screen. Blood spurts but not shown.


  • Words like Ha***""r, b****h used. Also at one place, Mother****** is used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Children are seen commiting suicide, becoming paralysed and unwell due to overuse of drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested rated R for strong violence and bloody images, drug use and some sensuality
  • People are killed, slashed with weapons by the villain.
  • The movie has a dark tone as it is based around a drug mafia.
  • A mutilated body is shown once.
  • The death of children due to drugs might scare young viewers.

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