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MPAA Rated PG for some mild rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Kermit and Miss Piggy are caught kissing as theater lights come on; they stop immediately.
  • A female muppet kisses a male muppet.
  • Gizmo kisses Camilla, a chicken muppet.
  • A male muppet tells an audience that he is going to imagine them naked; he closes his eyes and when he opens them again people are seen wearing slips and tank tops, and the muppet corrects himself by saying, "Sort of naked."
  • A muppet tells another muppet to imagine an audience of humans naked.
  • Jack Black wearing a figure-hugging CGI motion-tracking suit covered with small sensor balls is heard saying, "I'm not done with my balls."

Violence & Gore

  • There's a scene where a police vehicle comes into view and we hear gun firing. Nothing is shown, but this was made for an out of context joke.
  • A muppet asks a man to throw him over a fence and a woman warns that she thinks the fence is electrified - a crunching sound is heard as the man folds up the muppet's legs and throws him against the fence, sizzling is also heard; large sparks are shown as the muppet is electrocuted and falls to the ground with smoke coming off his hair and his face is singed (he is unharmed).
  • Muppets attack a man, wrapping a rope around his torso and putting a bag over his head, a muppet karate chops the man's neck.
  • A muppet asks another muppet for kerosene so the muppet can burn some dresses, and a third muppet punches the first muppet in the face; a thud is heard as the muppet falls to the ground.
  • A man and a muppet fight over a pair of bolt cutters as they climb a high antenna, the muppet shoves the man and he falls to the ground; moments later the man groans and begins to move; the man is later seen with a small cut on his cheek.
  • A muppet swings his arm around, about to throw a bowling ball at a man's head; the man is tied to a chair with a bowling pin on his head. The muppet shouts that his hand is stuck and he continues to swing his arm around until he releases the bowling ball into a man's stomach; the man falls over and gets up moments later, dazed.
  • A muppet holding a muppet chicken dramatically jumps off a building, hits a sign as he falls, lands in a large crate filled with packing peanuts, and is unharmed.
  • A man throws a fencing foil through a television screen that two muppets are watching and the screen shatters.
  • A muppet detonates an explosion that causes a giant factory to blow up; dust flies through the air as muppets, a man, and a woman duck and one of the muppets coughs from the dust (they are unharmed).
  • A muppet detonates a small explosion, smoke rises up, his face and teeth are singed and he falls over.
  • A muppet uses a blowtorch to clean moldy food from a refrigerator.
  • A man and a muppet practice fencing: the man hits the muppet repeatedly as another muppet keeps score.
  • A muppet plays the drums on the heads of four small fuzzy creatures, and they squeak "ouch."
  • A robot clanks into furniture and walls as it slowly leaves a room; the robot says "ouch" repeatedly.
  • Two muppets overhear a muppet telling other muppets and a man that she had "punched a guy in the face."
  • A muppet jokingly suggests that another muppet could set a muppet on fire for entertainment.


  • Fozzie uses the word "fart" in one scene.
  • 1 mild anatomical term, some name calling ("sausage snout", "freaks", "weirdoes", "hippy-dippy", and "idiot").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Pictures in my Head song is very sad .

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