Ghost in the Shell (2017) Poster

Pilou Asbæk: Batou



  • [Batou sees Major walking down the hall with his new enhanced eyes] 

    Batou : I can see you out there, you know.

    Major : [holds up her middle finger]  How many fingers am I holding up?

    Batou : Funny.

  • Major : For someone who doesn't like people, how come you care about dogs so much?

    Batou : Don't know. I just like strays and they like me.

    Major : They like you because you feed them.

    Batou : You got no heart.

  • Batou : ...what's the difference, fantasy, reality, dreams, memories. It's all the same, just noise.

  • [Batou finds a badly injured Major] 

    Major : Say something nice.

    Batou : What's your name? Aramaki told me you had a name from before.

    Major : [pause]  Motoko.

  • Batou : [Batou just got new eyes]  Say something nice.

    Major : You chose those?

  • Major : Did they send you to bring me in?

    Batou : I'm just here to fish. Did you see any?

    Major : You're a company man. You follow orders, so if they ordered you to kill me...

    Batou : Stop saying shit like that. You're gonna piss me off.

  • Batou : Thanks for saving my ass.

    Major : Glad to see you're okay.

    Batou : [as Major is about to leave]  Major? Could you feed the dogs for me? I don't want to scare them.

  • Ladriya : [as Skinny Man is being interrogated]  I don't understand, how could he not know?

    Togusa : The hackers have created a vacuum. Kuze wiped his memory and somehow created a new reality.

    Batou : What's the difference? Fantasy, reality, dreams, memories... It's all the same, just noise.

  • Batou : [after the door man sticks his gun to Batou's abdomen]  I thought you said no trouble?

  • Major : It feels like... there's always this thick fog over my memory and I can't see through it.

    Batou : You're lucky. Every single day I get screwed by my memories.

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