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MPAA Rated R for strong sexual content and drug use throughout, and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

  • This refers to the R-RATED version of the film. (The unrated version may be more explicit.)
  • Continuous, strong, crude sexual references and activity, all played for laughs. Infrequent, brief female nudity (topless) throughout.
  • A man and a woman have sex on a toilet (both are fully clothed) and the woman thrusts into the man. The man says that his butt is getting wet and she moans. (No on-camera nudity.)
  • A montage shows two men partying with two women they pick up in a bar. The montage includes a brief view of one woman's breasts. Although paired off as couples, partners are swapped at some point.
  • A group of men are seen in a topless strip club. The buttocks are of several women are visible (the women all wear thongs or g-strings). The breasts of a few (3-5) women are seen, although it is implied that most of the women are topless.
  • A man "juggles" a woman's bare breasts in his hands.
  • A group of male characters party with a plethora of female extras in a Las Vegas suite. Many of the women are in revealing attire, and a few of the women bare their breasts.
  • A woman is seen on top of a man, and she insists the man look at her pubic area, which not seen on camera. They both comment on the grooming of her pubic hair, and she makes at least one rude (but non-deprecating)joke about it. The woman insists that they have sex but the man declines; she shoves a large sex toy into the man's mouth then forces it into his anus. (The latter is not shown graphically.) The man is disgusted, and in the next scene the man says that he has been raped. (No on-camera nudity.)
  • A man tells a woman that her boyfriend had sex with multiple women (after the boyfriend believed the woman had broken up with him). The women says she wants to have a threesome with the two men; the boyfriend initially declines but soon reluctantly accepts. One man and the woman are seen kissing in bed; the woman turns over and kisses the other man. The woman kisses her boyfriend while the other man performs oral sex on her. (He is under the covers and we see his head bobbing, she moans loudly.) The next shot has a man standing up (he wears a t-shirt, but it is implied that he is naked below the waist) and the man starts to kiss the other man, but the other man quickly retreats. The first man then grasps the other man's genitals (below camera; not seen) and the other man protests and forces him to stop. After the woman and second man leave, the first man is shown alone from behind; his buttocks is briefly visible below his t-shirt. (No female nudity or male frontal nudity in this sequence.)
  • A man and a woman dance suggestively.
  • A man and a woman kiss briefly.
  • A music video for a song about enjoying anal sex is shown.
  • There are many sex jokes about a couple having sex on camera, eating food from a woman's breasts, and the shape of a woman's breasts.
  • Lyrics are heard that discuss sex and sexual transmitted diseases.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence in this film is very comical and played for laughs, although some fleeting moments of gore occur.
  • A drug dealer apparently is stabbed offscreen, but it's played for laughs. We see his bloody t-shirt and glimpse the wound, and Aaron drops him outside the hospital door.


  • Fuck is used over 150 times (with characters such as P. Diddy's using the word practically every sentence). Cunt is used once. Mild language such as shit, bitch, bastard, wanker, etc. is constant.
  • Russel Brand to his dad (You old cunt!)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol and drugs are consumed in continuously and in significant amounts through most of the film.
  • Drugs and drug use are a big part of the film, including abuse, smuggling, and adverse effects, all played for laughs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Aaron does throw up a lot in the movie, and that might be a little bit gross to some viewers.
  • Some may be disturbed by the brief but graphic depictions of Aldous' compound fracture of the ulna (smaller bone of forearm shown broken and ripped through the skin), but far less blood than would be realistic is seen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man briefly performs oral sex on his ex-girlfriend. We see his head bobbing under a blanket as she moans loudly. She tells him to stop and the man says that he has not climaxed yet. She offers to let him "have a wank" (British slang for masturbate) while touching her breasts, but the man declines the offer as childish. (No on-camera female nudity. Man is in dark-colored briefs but no shirt. Woman is in a camisole. Implication is that she is bottomless under blanket, but she appears to put her panties back on before she is seen below the waist.) The woman confesses infidelity and informs the man that he is not the father of her 10-yr-old son.

Violence & Gore

  • While intoxicated, Jonathan and Aldous proceed to fight each other, tackling each other repeatedly, punching each other in the faces, etc. Sergio then begins to fight with Jonathan, and it becomes comically brutal (neither realistic injuries nor significant blood are not depicted). They begin throwing objects into each other, and then Jonathan throws the cover for a room service plate at Sergio and it hits him in the neck. Jonathan thinks he's knocked out, but Sergio comes back up and rams Jonathan's head into a flat-screen TV. Sergio then begins chasing after Aldous and Aaron, talking about how he's "gonna fucking" kill them. Sergio then chases them onto the street as Aldous and Aaron rush into the limo. Sergio chases the limo on foot and gets hit by a cab, although he appears uninjured.
  • During the scene listed above, Aaron begins having a heart attack from the drugs he's inhaled, and Aldous injects an adrenaline shot into his shoulder, making fun of Pulp Fiction.
  • A suicidal Aldous initially plans to jump off a hotel, but instead decides to land backwards into the pool. His arm hits the pool deck though, and we can see that he is injured because a very small amount of blood can be seen in the pool water. As he makes his apology speech, the cloud of blood in the water behind Aldous becomes larger and larger, but it never truly gets dark at all. (In fact, Aldous comments that it is very little blood.) Later, however, as they are in Aaron's car, we briefly see the open wound is actually a compound fracture (bone forced through the skin). Aldous insists that he's fine and refuses to go to the hospital. In a later sequence, the wound in seen again, this time in much better light. Other than a lack of profuse bleeding, the wound is fairly realistic, but only shown briefly.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one sequence, a character is pressured by a second character to smuggle a balloon containing drugs in his rectum. The first character phones his boss for support in refusing, but the boss orders the person to comply. The character is shown placing the balloon in the back of his pants, and we see his facial expressions as he inserts the balloon. The balloon and drugs within it are constantly referenced until, a few sequences later, the second character forcibly retrieves the balloon in a bathroom (on camera, but behind a screen; we see this action in silhouette). However, before the second character can use the drugs, the first character deliberately bursts the balloon, spills the powder on the floor, and grinds it into the carpet to prevent its use.
  • The character of Aldous Snow is a relapsed abuser of alcohol and user of drugs, including heroin. He frequently pressures another character into reluctantly joining him in alcohol and drug use. In one sequence, the other character imbibes to excess to prevent Aldous from getting too impaired to perform. Some may believe that Aldous is an addict, and based on his behavior in the film, that could be argued. However, at the beginning of the film he has been clean for seven years; he returns to drugs and alcohol out of spite towards another character (not out of weakness); and he, arguably, appears to function both with and without drugs and alcohol. And, despite heavy use of drugs and alcohol, Aldous is never shown to suffer any true withdrawal symptoms (other than, perhaps, irritation over losing some drugs) when he is not using.
  • In the middle of the film, Aaron smokes a 'jeffrey,' which is then revealed to be a combination of many drugs. After smoking it, Aaron believes he is about to have a heart attack.

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