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MPAA Rated R for sexual content including nudity, violence and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Contains strong sex scenes, sadomasochistic sex and nudity
  • A man makes love to a woman, we see her breasts.
  • During a party sequence, we see men and women writhing against each other.
  • Two main characters are implied to have had oral sex.
  • A man pushes another man down and then begins to undo his pants. Scene ends before we see anything.
  • Several brief scenes of various sexual behaviour, including bondage, aggressive sex, nudity and burning with candle wax. Most of these are implied to be taking place under a drug or drink haze.
  • Male characters visit whorehouses and 'gentlemen's clubs' where some female nudity is shown and some sexual acts are briefly visible.
  • A man seduces a young girl and has sex with her mother while the daughter is still hiding in the room.

Violence & Gore

  • Within the first minute of the film, a man is seen dumping a dismembered body into the Thames. We see a limbs and a head fall into the water.
  • Contains strong bloody violence
  • The decayed portrait shows maggots coming out of the main character's face. The portrait slowly turns into the character and the character begins to turn into the portrait. Worms and bloody holes in his face appear. May be disturbing to some viewers. Graphic.
  • A sex scene involves cutting. Blood is seen.
  • In a flashback, the main character is seen being beaten as a child by an older man. May scare viewers.
  • A man's back is seen horribly scarred. It is revealed this was a result of child abuse.
  • During a sequence, a man envisions various things on the table in front of him to turn into blood (ie. he sees a woman spreading a red colored jelly on a muffin which he envisions as blood on the muffin, then quick shots of men and women bleeding from graphic and violent sex acts are shown). Bizarre and disturbing scene.
  • One sex scene shows the dripping of hot candle wax onto skin, we see the skin burning.
  • A man is brutally stabbed several times. Very graphic.
  • Through out the movie, a man is seen holding a bloody scarf. It is later revealed in the film how this was obtained. May upset viewers.
  • A man attempts to strangle another man to death. No one is harmed.
  • A main character creates a gas leak which results in a fire, killing another main character.


  • Uses of damn, whore

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains drug use
  • There are a couple of scenes where opium is smoked. It is implied that the main character does other drugs as the movie progresses.
  • Characters frequently drink and some are shown intoxicated.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains disturbing images and bloody horror
  • Film contains many jump scares.
  • A man is stabbed to death. Scene is upsetting and contains graphic gore.
  • It is revealed that a woman drowned herself. Very emotional.
  • A man attempts to strangle another man to death, who he blames for his sister's suicide.
  • During a scene, flashbacks of a child being beaten is shown.
  • A man is lit on fire. We see his body slowly being consumed by the fire. Screaming is heard. Disturbing.
  • The portrait can scare some viewers. The figure decays and near the end of the film comes out of the painting.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man confronts the main character, during this scene, the man notices an article of clothing that belonged to another character, he realizes that the main character killed them. The man's reaction to this can upset viewers, very emotional and frightening scene.

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