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Unoriginal and boring, show misses the point.
seronjaa-797-3131247 March 2021
In the first episode I thought this could be watchable. But after 2,3 episodes you realized, that you have already seen everything. This woman can do only one trick- paint everything white. I don't know how she can be a successfull interior designer with that lack of creativity? Ok, some clients really like her all white style and want their house to look that certain way. But what about the episode with the wooden house in the forest? The owners said, that she likes it colourful, boho with a little bit of cottage in the woods style. And what did she get? They gave here a completeley white and grey room with 2 "colourful" brown ottomans and some white and grey throw pillows? Are you kidding me? And the owner's reaction to it was- wooow, so beautiul! Is this a joke?? But the biggest problem is, that the show is not about interior design, not about tips & tricks or the process of changing a room! Most time is spent on showing us the super boring life of this couple, that lives in a huge house with their 2 kids. Why?? They are not that interesting and if they were- I wouldn't want to watch a reality show about someone's kids playing in the backyard or her husband trying to put up the christmas tree. I wa expecting to see some design, inspiration, creativity, learn something new about design or at least a shocking before and after. But I got nothing.
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Fifty Shades of Beige
ellelldee26 October 2020
This is the blandest show I have ever seen. I love design and architecture shows, but the utter sameness of everything was more than just dull, it was downright annoying. The couple seem nice enough, but dull, dull, dull. Everyone in the show looks the same, talks the same, wants the same boring stuff. It's all upper middle class white people in their 30s who inexplicably want white living rooms although they have kids under 10, who have giant screen TVs over the mantle, instead of, say art, whose idea of a dream house is a McMansion. All the colors are neutral, there is no color anywhere, either in the people or the designs. They have a warehouse of supposedly high-end accessories that all look like Ikea, but all beige and twice the price. The couple spends a lot of time talking to the camera, but they're just not that interesting. There is no originality, whimsy, personality, creativity, or imagination anywhere to be found. Shallow, bland, and boring.
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Entertaining and nice enough but also odd
Ellerina9728 January 2021
I'll start by saying that I'm British so our home design shows are very different I think. I actually quite enjoyed watching this, and the family that the show features are really sweet. However, the interior design is a bit samey... white and boho seems to be the theme for every property. I love that style don't get me wrong but that's a bit boring after a while. Also, I would say that a house that is 2000 square feet would be considered fairly big for most Brits, I don't know if it's the same for Americans or not but I assume not everyone in America lives in a mansion. The people on this programme have like 8000 square feet houses...and one of them is 22,000 square feet. I've never even heard of a property that big in my life. How could one family need that much space I don't understand. Anyway, I find that this makes it really hard to watch because the houses are really unrelatable for the vast majority of people. To be fair there were a few more normal houses but I actually don't think enough of the actual design was shown in the episode.
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Boring designs by an irritating 'valley girl' who seems to buy everything at Pier 1 Imports and Ikea, and ahe doesn't seem to care if anything is sustainable
garnet-suss9 June 2021
Shea, the female host/designer, is incredibly annoying and her designs are common and boring. She is big into fast fashion, which is terrible, both in style and environmentally.

All their clients fit into the exact same demographic as the couple that hosts the show, which just ads to how irritating and boring the show is.

It is one of the worst remodeling shows I've ever seen.
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Pros and cons
jarakanda18 October 2020
It's fun to see the before and afters and a bit of the process, but all the talking to the camera and the time spent on the personal lives of Shea and Syd and their family feel like filler. These parts take up a huge portion of the show. It feels like Fixer Upper, where a lot of the focus is on Chip and Joanna Gaines and their kids vs the actual home makeover, which is all I'm interested in seeing. I hope Netflix will start creating shows more like Grand Designs.
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No point of the show
alshamari-marwa19 October 2020
You don't learn anything it just for publicity, i don't see the point of it
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kathrinchow2 February 2021
Sorry guys...you appear to be a nice young couple, but your designs look the same from one job to the next... white..grey... white...grey. There are alot more design shows out there which are far more interesting and informative.
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No original ideas, just showing ways to spent a LOT of money
Green-Bubble25 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First, I would like to mention that I am from Europe, and spending 30,000$ for a movie room (as in a certain episode) seems EXTREME to me. Especially when I believe that the certain renovation could be done with MUCH less than 10,000$.

Secondly, why do all the houses look the same?? I mean design's purpose is to make a house unique, not turn all the house interiors the same! I don't understand how someone who simply follows the same instagram trends, was able to built such a company in the first place!

And finally, the real design challenge is when there is minimum budget. When you are offered 30,000$ for a room only, it needs no talent, no thought, you just go and spend money on pretty things.

PS. There are shows on youtube doing the same thing, and some even have a budget less than 1,000$ and they do amazing things.
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Was ok at first but...
jmsutphen8 February 2021
I didn't mind the show at first but then I watched the last episode. The "designer" really showed her true colors. She was rude and made it all about herself. I felt so uncomfortable watching it play out. She literally humiliated the woman who was wanting a bedroom makeover for her husband. If Shea wasn't skilled enough to give them what they wanted, she should have declined. But, she took their money and gave them her typical boring room. I hope she watched this and realizes how ugly she appeared. I'll never watch them again.
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frankierockstar120 October 2020
Ok, let me start off by saying the McGee's are nice, and obviously very talented in design. I enjoy their Instagram as well.

She has a very specific style, albeit the exact reason her clients hire her to redo their homes BUT this is exactly why I disliked the show. There is not enough variety in the designs. There is no modern, industrial, rustic, bohemian (adding macrame/woven/mud cloth pillows do not make it bohemian!), traditional, mid century, just her style which makes watching it exceptionally bland.

Problem number two for me was the process was not shown and, like others have mentioned, no tips or tricks :(.

And the last part, is probably my biggest peeve with the show... Every client is a millionaire. The reason many home makeover show lovers watch the shows is it's a dream that should feel reachable. The extremely run down home turned into a beautiful space, a few diy tips to not break the bank, tricks to make a small space feel bigger, etc.

The designs are gorgeous, they are a beautiful family but I don't think I would recommend this as an inspiring makeover show to anyone earning less than seven figures with no intention of doing any of the work themselves.
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Instagram on Steroids
richardmolenschot5 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I really want to like this show. But the truth is: there aren't many alternatives design shows on demand, so that makes me stuck with this one. And it's not all bad, but the fake-happy-instagram-life of the designer and her clients is unbearable at times. Everything is happy, clean, conflict-free and instagram picture ready.

The Good:
  • I like the McGee Design esthetic: it's perhaps not mayorly innovative, but it has a good taste level. Shea knows what she's doing and i think her work is inspiring.

  • Shea has good design tips which is educational: at what height lamps should hang, how to make a cramped space look bigger or ceilings higher. Really good stuff. Could be more!

The Bad:
  • The husband: he does absolutely nothing! At least nothing we see him do. I imagine him running the business at the back-end, but that isn't featured, so we are stuck with a lazy surferdude with a Peter Pann complex behaving like a student who laughs about everything.

  • Shea's staged personal life in general: the kids, the husband, EVERYTHING IS STAGED. From family fun time on a bouncy castle so Shea can claim she really savors precious moments with her fast growing kids (as if she has time!) to a staged and unfortunately not very effective pedagogical didactic conversation with their daughters about telling lies. Everything is sugarcoated, staged and acted. Or as Shea's daughter putted it, after she was "reprimanded" for lying: "We do it for the camera's". Yes, even this four year old sees through the continuous shenanigan. It's hard to watch.

  • Last but not least: the astonishing blindness to their privileged lives. "Oh, i saw a bouncy castle so i bought one." Or clients who build an enormous baseball hall on their own enormous terrain, to 'give something back to the community'. Yeah right.

So what would make it better?

I believe it would be so much better if we could see Shea for real. Let us see she is angry at times, a tough cookie, manipulating at times. Let us see she's human. And don't stage that! Let it just slip in the montage. Stop with the personal life instagram campaign and focus on the actual make-over proces. Her personal life is way to perfect to be interesting. Her design work on the contrary is.

So season three: please cut back on the instagram on steroids. Let us enjoy Shea McGee for what she really is. I'll bet that'll make this program a much bigger succes.
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Not interior design
louis-philippe-joly21 October 2020
This show isn't about interior design but the lives of the Shea and Syd. Happy for them in their success but insanely boring as a show.
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mmarianne19 October 2020
If you like commercials, this will be great for you.

It's basically just a very long one.

Me, I dislike it so much. I hate commercials in general and after the first episode I know never to watch it again.
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They both need character make over. Ugh
anthieee15 November 2020
A bored housewife who thinks she is a top designer. Ok. Has some money cretaes a company, hires some basic salary designers who do ll the work while she takes the credit. And she goes on door to door to other narcisist hillbillies and pretends she has a milion ideas to brighten up their lives. Dont bother. TRASH TV
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It's just rich, boring, white people whacking each other off
timmerritt-9850822 December 2020
The other reviews nail it. Boring, rich, white people with no sense of style or personality congratulating each other for how successful they are and doing shameless self-promotion. I like shows like this, usually. Fixer Upper was similar. It's just been done too many times at this point and this show takes all of the fun and personality out of it. It's just a show to promote these people and their personal lives/business. It's not about actually showing them going in and building/designing anything. They sit on a couch and try to seem interesting while someone else does all the work and then they take all the profit and credit. What I really want is a show like Grand Designs. Not a bunch of clueless, tone deaf rich people redoing the same rooms on a bunch of ugly McMansions and then screaming at the reveal about how gorgeous it is when there is absolutely nothing special or unique about it. Most people in America can never attain the sort of wealth it would take to blow $30,000 on one room. And having the nerve to call it a "tight budget" when there are shows that redo a whole house with that amount is just disgusting. It's not reality. It's absolute fantasy.
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Boring, generic, seen before, oversized, high foot print, irrelevant.
sofiaabdelkafi22 October 2020
So generic. White washed, creamy boring, unoriginal Mcmansions... + it's boring. Not inspiring at all. Giant screen with a white giant sectional and a giant fridge with a giant lamp. Ugh
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A cringe fest promoting extreme consumerism!
naveenbp2117 October 2020
I could tolerate only 2 episodes and the whole time I just kept wondering wtf is going on ! Honestly.. I don't know what was this show all about., it just looks like some guys at real estate developing companies came up with a fancy idea of making an elaborate commercial that can be streamed on Netflix, as if Instagram wasn't enough already. There's nothing like a real makeover, smart or cost saving ideas to do it and stuff like that. Nothing. Just fill up your huge family home with enough furnitures to accommodate 50 people. A special mention to the lead guys, just amazing ! The guy deserves an Emmy nomination just for his jokes. A whole load of c**p.
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So much selfpromtion.. An absolute snoozefest
thesims-3861319 October 2020
I have only seen 1 and a half episode. I had to stop it was just too "we had nothing back and we could only live in tiny appartment. But now we have everything! - Just look at the size of our house and everything in it! It's huge"... I have literally learned zero from these episodes - other than they are building a giant house and have 90 employees in their only 5 year old business.. Did I need that info in a interior design show? No. Absolutely not.
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Stepford Wives Do Design
camsean24 October 2020
This is the show for you if you are looking to see cookie cutter design done for and by people that all look strangely alike. Do the share the same hairdresser? Do they all shop at the same place? Are the all related?
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Hardware store originality
lotusdinbalta17 October 2020
As someone who enjoys all the interior design "before and after"s, I've been wondering for a few years now WHY in the world does everything look THE SAME? You know, shades of white and grey, some deep cool colored cabinets and a fiddle leaf fig in a corner? Well, that's the kind of design brilliance you will witness in this show.
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everything but interior design
archie-sb4 January 2021
About 75% of the show you can just skip. It just might be the worst home makeover show I've ever seen, with fake happy, over the top family nonsense that doesn't concern anybody. Shae and Syd are the most fake and boring people who are trying their hardest to get you to like them. Nothing about them is interesting, even their design choices are all the same. Shae just keeps adding more white, more beige, more dullness to everything she touches. Syd just nods and talks about unfunny moment and how he eats a lot of donuts or something sweet. They just seem so shallow and she seems so entitled. There are no useful tips, no budget friendly options, nor anything other of essence. Half the show is those two blabbering about nothing while sitting on the sofa, 5% is the drive to the location and another idiotic conversation. She even makes her own workers seem kinda idiotic, like they do not agree with her but have to smile and nod to every bad decision she makes. I mean why, she's picking the same stuff over and over.
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What a waste of time
bakerssimon18 October 2020
No tips, no tricks. No fun. Hey, let's watch them do a navy/white room for someone or watch their new 5,000 sq ft house being built or watch the soon to be neighbors build a 7,900 sq ft house. And they do all this while sitting on a couch telling us their life story. Boring. I love HGTV and this was probably rejected by HGTV.
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5min of design content, 20min of desperately trying to become celebrities
nordilogin23 January 2021
The show is unbearable. I am very interested in Interior Design but for every minute of actual design discussions, you have to live through 5 min of them talking about themselves, showing off their McManson in SubUrbia and telling people what to do. The designs are pretty, but bland, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But why hire 20 Designers in your Studio if you don't ask them once for their opinion? "Yes Shea, what an ingenious Idea Shea, we should go with white indeed."

You could condense every Season in one episode and still needed some fillers.
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Insipid and Annoying
tshirtshopgirl19 October 2020
Basic white bread uses the formula: what do you envision in the space? and then pulls her recipe card that she uses for every space regardless of the aesthetic of the client. Whites grays etc. are employed in a myriad of impractical ways For a family of 50 and during the reveal there's always a thoughtless white bread husband with his shoes on that bounces his feet off the white upholstery or the white linens to the dismay of the wife who cannot disguise her disgust and Tensely informs him to get his feet off the White upholstery or white linens of the bed. The host laughs a little too cloyingly at his lame jokes, rebuffs his attempts at affection, all while making the Audience a little uncomfortable about the relationship. It's clear that the job of all husbands in this program is to put the money in the checkbook, and be the soft spoken yes man while the females handle the interior of the house without any input from the man that pays for it and subjects him to a squealing annoying emotional response during the reveal. After spending obscene amounts of money, What the hell did they think was gonna happen? And why so emotional? If you've seen one episode you've seen them all.
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Doesn't Stand Out
katrinatiebel21 October 2020
While they seem like a very talented couple, the show's cliche formula was very boringly done. Two episodes in and I was more distracted by everyone's bleached veneers, carefully matched outfits and tone deaf mindsets. Yes, I love design shows as much as the next, but it felt like a half-assed produced copy of so many other shows. Instead of showing the work that it takes to accomplish such remodels, they kind of step in the room and give their spiel to the contractors and show up at the end for the reveal in between their cozy couch moments. We get it, you're a cute family but I would rather see the design and construction process. Pass.
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