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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man walks into a room and see's a woman in a bra, no nudity.
  • At 1:17 a woman wearing underwear walks into a room to begin making out with a couple . The couple undress each other down to their underwear.
  • We see blurred out bits of a mans buttocks for a few seconds. (Only in the theatrical release.)

Violence & Gore

  • Three men commit suicide by stabbing their own stomachs, the first guy is shown the most (however the stabbing is offscreen in Theatrical, but onscreen in Extended), and the other two are are only seen from their heads.
  • An explosion burns a man's body to the extreme. We see graphic burn marks and him screaming when he regenerates (he is a mutant).
  • A man has a nightmare in which he accidentally stabs a woman in the abdomen. We see a lot of blood on her shirt and on the sheet she is lying on. (There is more blood in this scene in the Extended Cut.)
  • A man finds a grizzly bear lying on the ground in pain, an arrow is seen protruding from its back. The man puts the bear out of it's misery by killing it with his metal claws. (There is a more graphic shot of him killing the bear in the Extended Cut.)
  • A man stabs another man's hand with an arrow and later spills alcohol on it to make it hurt more, there is blood (there are extra shots of the wounded hand in the Extended Cut).
  • A man hits another man with a glass bottle in the face, a piece of glass is stuck in the man's cheek, he pulls it out and the wound heals.
  • A woman fights some men, she knocks one back, hits one in the stomach with the end of her scabbard (sword holder), and cuts apart a stool and a beer bottle.
  • A man is shot in the chest (we see a bloody wound) by another man at a funeral, he has metal craws that come from his hands and fights many of the gunmen and stabs several of them (we see the blades enter the men, and kill them, there is blood on his claws throughout. In the Extended Cut, there are a few instances of his claws going through the attacker's bodies and/or causing some bloody results), he also shot a few more times during the fight. He is also beaten up until he is saved.
  • Many men draw weapons and fire and kill people (which are given some graphic moments in Extended Cut) while others fight with punches and kicks while attempting to kidnap a woman.
  • A man is has a mutant spit poison on his face, which makes him scream and leads to his face becoming blistered.
  • A man on a rooftop shoots several of the gunmen with a bow and arrows (in the Extended Cut, the bows go through the men's bodies and some are shot in the head, this leads to bloody results).
  • A woman with a long stick also fights with many of the gunmen and breaks one man's neck.
  • A man is stabbed through a door, there is blood on the door (there is more blood on the door in the Extended Cut).
  • A man is shown with several bloody bullet holes in his chest and abdomen and we see him cleaning away the blood (blood covers paper towels that he has used).
  • A man fights with a group of men on a train, the man stabs a few with his claws (bloodless in both Cuts, but the Extended Cut shows more clearly how the men are being stabbed) and he throws a few men out of the train too, the man is shot once (he is no longer healing). The fight later leads outside of the train while it's still moving. A man is hanging on to the side while a gang member hangs on him, and stabs him (once in Theatrical, twice in Extended), several man hanging on the train are hit by signs, and a few are stabbed by the man with metal claws.
  • Same Scene: A man is outside and finds out he's loosing blood, we see blood mix with rain going down a sewer drain.
  • THEATRICAL CUT ONLY: The man passes out after this.
  • EXTENDED CUT ONLY: A man is then attack by 3 gang members, one gang member fights and throws him off the balcony, the other two gang members are on the ground and one tases him, the other shoots him in the shoulder. The man is saved by a woman, who kills the gang member on the balcony by stabbing a sharp rocket object in him and tossing him off, she throws another sharp rocket into another gang member, killing him. The man tases the last gang member until he falls down motionless, the man then passes out.
  • A man wakes up from surgery, we see some blood covered bullets.
  • A woman, who is a mutant, kisses a man, the man then collapses, he is dead, assumed to be poisoned.
  • A woman cuts a man's cheek and then blows on it to make it blister, she then heals it.
  • A man runs across rooftops and jumps to the ground while chasing men who have taken a woman and sped away in a car; the chasing man is shot in the leg, he threatens one of the men he grabbed from the car for information and then stabs him (we hear the crunch but do not see the blow).
  • A man hits another man in the face a few times and then throws him out the window (he lands in the swimming pool and survives).
  • Several men are killed by ninjas, this includes neck breaking, arrow shooting, and suffocation.
  • A woman stabs a man in the neck with a poisoned pen and he thrashes around and yells as his face bubbles and blisters, it is shown he survives this.
  • EXTENDED CUT ONLY: A man and woman find some dead bodies, some blood.
  • We see a dead man on the floor with the knife still in his chest and blood on the wound.
  • A man finds a parasite in his heart that's affected his healing, he then cuts him self open with one of his claws and shoves his hand in him and starts reaching for the parasite, we see him cut open the wound and reach in, this is the most graphic moment in the Theatrical Cut.
  • While the man is trying to get the parasite out his body, another man attacks him, but is stopped by a woman. The man and woman sword fight until he knocks her out.
  • The man gets the parasite out and heals from all of his wounds.
  • The two men fight each other, with one man being cut up by swords but heals after each hit, the fight ends with the man stabbing his claws through the swordsman's throat (in the Extended Cut, the claws go straight through his throat way more clearly), he then removes a sword from his chest.
  • A woman is stabbed in the throat, but she is only knocked out from it.
  • Same Scene: A man is confronted by a group of ninjas, their leader and him fight for a little bit and then send his men to attack him.
  • EXTENDED CUT ONLY: He fights several of them, knocking of some on motorcycles off and stabbing a few, he is then captured in a net. A woman comes to help him and hops on a big snow blower, he escapes from the net and throws some of them in the snow blower, which leads to it spraying a ton of blood & gore, the man climbs on top of the blower, which is still spraying blood and gore, they then crash, the woman flees and the man blows up the snow blower, blowing all the ninjas back. The most graphic moment of the Extended Cut.
  • The man then runs and is shot with a bunch of arrows until he's knocked out.
  • A woman is shot with an arrow and she falls off a platform and lands on another platform below; she regains consciousness, pulls out the arrow and slices down her face and body; she pulls at a layer of what looks like snake skin and removes it, including her hair.
  • A man blows poison into a man's face, he fully recovers from it.
  • A man is impaled by an adamantium sword, we really don't see the sword in his body, but we do see his bloody wound.
  • Two women fight, the fight ends when one of them wraps a rope around the other's neck and connects it to an type of elevator shaft. The woman then rides it down, which leads for the other woman to get dragged up and then hit in the head with the other part of the shaft. She dies from this.
  • A man has his claws, which are bone encased in metal, cut off. A machine then drills into the wounds and starts draining the man of his healing ability.
  • A woman stabs a man in the head and the neck (no blood is shown but we see the blades protruding from the head and neck), and another man stabs him and throws him over a cliff.


  • 4 uses of sh**, 3 uses of bi***, 1 use of ba***, 1 use of a**, 2 use of a**hole, 1 use of bas****.
  • 1-F word in the Theatrical Cut
  • 3-F words in the Extended Cut

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of people are shown drinking in a bar.
  • A whiskey bottle and cigar are seen prominently among the supplies at a campsite.
  • A man drinks a shot of whiskey, and at one point, is seen consuming a full beer bottle while on an airplane.
  • EXTENDED CUT ONLY: A man picks up a cigar lying on a table, and in a subsequent sequence, places it in his mouth before blowing up a snowplow, which lights it up. He is seen smoking it before he throws it away.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is very intense but is not darker than X-Men Origins Wolverine
  • Extended Cut is essentially an R-rated film.
  • See "Violence/Gore" section...
  • The last 35 minutes of the movie are emotionally gripping, as well as intensely visceral.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • They're some kissing scenes.

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