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a cop show that actually has a story
you_know198-929-6312478 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the pilot to the Chicago code i felt myself wanting to know more about these characters, coming from myself I'm a huge jennifer beals fan and i tuned in because i wanted to see her but after watching the show i realized that everyone has a story of how they came to be were they are, which is a good thing some cop shows have you all over the place with no story. this is what sets the Chicago code apart from other shows in my opinion so here is what i got from the characters so far Teresa Colvin-the opening seen where she goes to the board about funding for setting up a task force was very important to her character it shows you off the back that she plays by her own rules and shes not afraid to say what she has to say. it also shows you that as tough as she tries to be she still has a heart and compassion for the people of Chicago Jarek Wysocki-the ex partner of teresa colvin basically her eyes on the street, he comes across as the tough cop in the streets, keeping his partners at a distance, rather work alone type character yet right off the back we are giving a look at his soft side as in talking down a bad guy in a high speed chase because he knew him and giving him a chance to say goodbye to his girlfriend and unborn son yet we see him loose his partner for risking their life's and he doesn't seem bothered by his partners departure Vonda Wysocki- is the niece of karek wysocki right off the back we see how vulnerable she is how her personal life with the death of her father is the main reason she became a cop, we see her break down at the crime scene at the end, which is gonna be very interesting to see how this job takes a toll on her was a cop the right decision for her Caleb Evers- the new partner to karek wysocki who has a good eye for reading people right off the back we see him suspect something about one of the bad guys they run into which is a shock to his partner making wysocki drop him as a partner but then realizing that he is gonna need his eyes out in the streets after all Isaac Joiner-the partner of vonda off the back were giving the image that he is a loose cannon as karek displays his dislike for his nieces partner, we see that him an his partner are not top cops as they are made to stay on outside patrol at a house raid but eventually leaving the scene to pursue their own bad guy Billy Lush-sent undercover into the irish mob by teresa we get to see that he is afraid of his cover being blown we also get to see that he has not earned the trust of gibbons yet Alderman Ronin Gibbons-in which all this corruption centers around making teresa superintendent just because he thought she would do what he ask, right off the back he sees he is gonna have a problem with the person he put in charge we see he is a powerful man and use to getting what he wants and he makes it pretty clear that you do not want to cross him but he keeps that laid back cool guy image that has a lot of connections he doesn't get his hands dirty he gets other people to do it

and all these characters lead back to teresa colvin and her determination to try and get her city under control, so if you like a show that tells a story this show is for you (just a fun fact-jennifer beals plays a biracial women of black and white which is what she is in real life with a black father and a white mother, also her characters father owns a corner store which is what her real life father also did)
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