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A good opening to a two-part Wallander story
Tweekums19 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first part of this story opens dramatically when a young nurse is shot in the head at a clinic somewhere in Africa, the action then returns to Sweden where Kurt has just been told that he is suffering from diabetes. He avoids doing anything about it however as he has a case to solve; two girls have been arrested after a taxi driver was attacked, strangely they are keen to admit to the robbery but there is no sign of the driver. Desperate to find him before he freezes Kurt takes one of the girls so she can find where he is. They find him but the girl manages to escape. Around the same time there is another death, it initially looks like an accident but later it is discovered that he died from dengue fever that he'd contracted in Angola. He also has a tattoo that was identical to the escaped girls necklace, a design that shared a name with her boyfriends Internet nickname. As the investigation continues the same person keeps appearing: the African man who shot the nurse; the mystery we are left with is how is he and the man he works for in Africa connected to a young Swedish girl and the man who died of Dengue fever?

This was a good opening to the story; it raised several questions and once or twice hinted at solutions only for them to be exposed as red herrings. Rolf Lassgård does a good job as the irritable, rule breaking Kurt Wallander. It was nice to see the potential of a new romance raise now that he is just friends with Maja; it will be interesting to see how that works out too.
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