Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Poster

Tom Hollander: Jim Beach



  • Jim Beach : They just need a bit of time.

    Freddie Mercury : What if I don't have time?

  • [from trailer] 

    Ray Foster : Mark these words: NO ONE will play Queen.

    Jim Beach : Fortune favors the bold.

  • Jim Beach : The sun always sets behind you on Miami Beach.

  • John Reid : [Introducing Jim Beach to Ray Foster]  And here's the bands lawyer Jim Beach.

    Jim Beach : Hello.

    Freddie Mercury : You MUST stop calling him that.

    John Reid : That's his name.

    Freddie Mercury : No, we can NOT keep calling him Jim Beach. Now that's absurd, not to mention unspeakably boring.


    Freddie Mercury : Miami! From now on I dub thee MIAMI Beach!

  • [the reunion meeting starts off tense] 

    Jim Beach : If anyone wants any tea, coffee, bladed weapons, just... just ask.

  • Freddie Mercury : There was this Africa concert... that wants Queen to play. I-Is that... is that still...

    Jim Beach : You mean Live Aid? They've announced all the bands, Freddie. It's too late.

    Freddie Mercury : I need... I need to reconnect with the mothership.

    Jim Beach : Freddie, they don't want anything to do with you. They're still very upset.

    Freddie Mercury : Maybe i-if you ask them... they would meet me. Tell them I want to talk. Just talk. We're family. You know, family... have fights, all the time.

    Jim Beach : I can call.

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