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Funny spoof of original film and a dig at studios chasing trends
bob the moo2 February 2012
When Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal are pitching a sequel to When Harry Met Sally, they suspect they won't totally get their own way but are happy when the studio exec gives them the green-light. However, he just has one little tweak to make in order to leverage maximum audience from current viewer trends....

I had heard of this short film quite some time ago but never got around to watching it and a recent viewing of another mock sequel from Funny or Die reminded me of this one. I shan't ruin the "tweak" for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but suffice to say that it is more than just a little update to the original film, it is a bit more of a genre twisting. It came out of nowhere for me and I found it very funny indeed because it was so out of leftfield! The jokes come from this twist but also from referencing the original film in quite a fresh way. Kudos for Crystal for doing it, but also for Helen Mirren, who is perhaps not as funny as she could be but her very presence was a joke in itself. Reiner, Tyson, Riggle and Rudolph all show up in small roles and are funny.

Overall this is a very short and funny film that plays well on the original and is imaginative with it – be warned though, it is surprisingly bloody and has foul language.
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Not Harry & Sally
Horst_In_Translation24 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is a 5-minute Funnyordie movie and even if it has Billy Crystal in it and references the famous film in the title early on, it has almost nothing to do with it. I was initially unsure if this was actually a sketch they showed at the Oscars which Crystal hosted several times, but it's really a Funnyordie spoof on vampire (and zombie) films from 4 years ago. There are quite a few familiar faces in here from shows like "Glee" or "Parks & Recreation" plus Mike Tyson. Unfortunately, even if this is a fairly known Funnyordie movie, it is far from their best achievements. Maybe worth a watch for huge fans of Crystal and/or Mirren, but everybody else can skip it. Not recommended.
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