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Sex & Nudity

    • The series contains a handful of sex scenes between various characters, but no nudity is shown.
    • One woman works as a "patriotute," providing sex to outgoing soldiers in exchange for gifts.
    • Women are often shown changing clothes at the factory and are seen in their underwear, but no nudity is shown.
    • A man and woman go skinny dipping. They are both seen in their underwear.

Violence & Gore

    • A machine hooks a woman's scalp while working on the line in the factory. It lifts her up in the air and partially scalps her. Blood is shown running down her face. She is seen in many episodes in the hospital with a large scar covering half of her head.
    • A bomb explodes while being tested, which throws shrapnel into three workers nearby.
    • A man falls off a elevated walkway and dies. Blood is shown pooling around his body.
    • A woman miscarries a baby and is shown bleeding in the factory's showers.
    • Men attack a couple women as they walk down the street at night. Some hits and punches are thrown.
    • A woman works as a boxer and is shown participating in a few fights. Punches are shown, but not much bleeding.
    • A bomb explodes inside of the factory. Afterwards, many workers are seen injured in a hospital. One man, who took the brunt of the blast, is shown very bloodied on a hospital bed.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Many scenes of people drinking and smoking in bars or at home.
    • A woman gathers sleeping pills for the purpose of committing suicide.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • Women are assaulted by men while walking down the street at night.
    • A woman is locked in a pantry with a man who she suspects is an escaped prisoner of war.
    • A saboteur gives an actived pen bomb to a factory employee, and the bomb explodes. Multiple wounded factory employees are seen in a hospital after the explosion.
    • A mentally ill man dances around on a roof while people try to talk him down.
    • A woman is scalped while working on the factory line.
    • A bomb explodes during testing.
    • A man is interrogated in a prison camp.
    • A man helps police arrest a traitor who is selling stolen explosive goods on the black market.

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