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Sex & Nudity

  • Frequent and graphic female nudity, including: one explicit and lenghty sex scene (displayed twice), lenghty sequences of strippers dancing, a naked girl covered in sushi being ate upon. Lots of sexual dialogue, especially in the first half hour.
  • Teddy says to David that he's been sleeping on the same bed since he started jerking at 12.
  • We see two female dancers on stage, we briefly see one of their breasts.
  • When Teddy and David are on their way to the party they talk a bit about 'pussy.'
  • We see a girl as a body buffet (she is fully nude and covered in sushi), and Teddy (Logan Miller) says to her "Do you do birthdays?".
  • We hear yelling and then we see that the "body buffet" girl is yelling at a guy, presumably for groping her; we see her bare breast as she covers herself. Later on we see her kicking and beating the guy, her naked body is fully exposed, we see her bush along with her butt and breasts.
  • We see two female dancers on stage, they both remove their bras and continue to dance sexually, we see both of their bare breasts.
  • A woman in a crowd unbuttons her shirt and pulls up her t-shirt to reveal her bare breasts and dances.

Violence & Gore

  • David sees two Kyles yelling to eachother outside, until one of them pulls a gun out and shoots the other in the head (onscreen); the shot Kyle falls to the ground while the other runs away. We see his bloody head.
  • A girl jumps in the air and kicks a guy, he's thrown into a bookshelf and smashes everything when he falls. She keeps beating him then goes away.
  • David (Rhys Wakefield) smashes a bottle over his clone's head and ties him up.
  • When Melanie is thrusting on top of Teddy on the floor the vibrating knocks a wine bottles and glass cups on the floor, later after a blackout the clone Teddy on the floor accidentally puts his hand on the smashed glass and cuts himself.
  • Greg puts a rope around his clone's neck and chokes him to death.
  • Mike hits his clone with a shovel, we see the back of his head in blood.
  • A man stabs his clone in the stomach with a screwdriver.
  • In a pool house, we see everyone fighting with their clones, we see them banging their heads on the wall, kicking, punching, choking, and a girl scratches another girl's eyes with her nails (we see two scrapes on her eyes).


  • Many F-Words as well as milder profanities.
  • Name-calling (Motherfucker, Freak, Idiot, Pitiful, Weird Dude, Crazy, Dick juicer, etc.).
  • Lots of crude sexual references and dialogues.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The whole film takes place during a wild party, hosted and attended by teenagers. Plenty of underage drinking throughout. The host is attacked by a man whom he bought drugs from.
  • We see a young woman being held in the air while she drinks and they yell "Jug, Jug, Jug!". (Are you sure it isn't "chug"??)
  • We see a young man pouring vodka into his eye.
  • In a crowd we see a young woman pour beer into another woman's mouth.
  • We see many people with beer cups in their hands outside and inside a house.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Someone gets shot in the head.
  • The people fighting with their clones in a pool house could be quite intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Teddy (Logan Miller) enters a bedroom and sees Melanie (Natalie Hall) lying fully naked on the bed, we see her butt and breasts. Teddy jumps on the bed and he then takes his trousers off, the scene cuts to the party and when it goes back to Teddy and Melanie, they roll to the other side of the bed, we briefly see Teddy's butt when they roll. Melanie starts to thrust on top of Teddy while slapping him across the face, the scene cuts and goes back to them we still see her thrusting on top of Teddy and she puts her finger in his mouth and tells him to suck. Melanie is on top of Teddy and continues to thrust on top of him and she says to him "Hold on!" Melanie climaxes. Teddy gets up and puts on his boxers, we see his butt when doing this. He then turns and sees other Melanie naked on the bed beside him, her breasts are visible.

Violence & Gore

  • After a blackout Jill is looking for Steve in a bedroom, she sees David and walks over to him angrily, but David pulls out a knife and stabs her in the stomach. The scene cuts and when it goes back to David we see Jill's body under the blanket and David wipes the knife with the blanket.

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