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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A shark crashes into an plane's engine on the left wing and blows it up.
  • A shark flies into the passenger area of a plane and decapitates a flight attendant.
  • A shark smashes the side of a plane causing a hole in the side and a passenger seating on that side is swept out to their death.
  • A shark breaks through one of the windows of the cockpit, and eats the female copilot's top half, the other pilot tries to pull her back, but they are both dragged out.
  • Fin goes to pilot a plane, and April follows but is swept out the door, and a police officer tries to save her, but is pushed to the wall by a serving cart. As he tries to drag her back in, he passes her a gun and she tries to shoot a shark, but it takes her hand instead and she yells in pain.
  • An umbrella in the wind smashes into April's hospital room.
  • A man grabs a baseball bat and hits a shark with it and the shark then goes flying into a big sign.
  • A shark jumps onto a woman on a ferry and starts biting her face, her friend grabs a stub gun and tasers it and it rolls over, we then see the woman's face covered in blood with some of her face bitten off, she then dies.
  • A man waiting at a train station is eaten by a flying shark along with another man.
  • A shark makes a hole in the back of a train and grabs hold of a man's leg, another man hits the shark with a baseball bat and the shark lets go, the other man is then eaten.
  • A man fights a shark by putting his baseball bat into its mouth, it snaps and he grabs a broken piece and stabs the shark with it and dies.
  • A shark slides down flooding hospital stairs, it then slides out the door and is run over by an ambulance.
  • A woman cycling away from a tornado is crushed by a flying shark, some blood splatters.
  • Dozens of people grab whatever they find from shovels to guns and start killing all the sharks falling from the sky, one of the people throws three chainsaws into a tornado and we see a few sharks being cut with it.
  • A man and a woman slingshot bombs they made into the tornados, after their third attempt it makes it worst as some of the sharks are on fire and some of them along with some sharks not on fire crush several people on the ground, we see some blood splatter.
  • A man holds his chainsaw against an electric fence to power it up while a woman holds the wires because they are too short to be tied, thunder then strikes the building and the woman holding the wires and the man is blown into the tornado, the woman is then eaten by a shark in the tornado.
  • A man with a chainsaw jumps into the mouth of a shark flying towards him, we then see him chainsaw his way out of it's belly covered in blood.


  • A couple uses of mild language such as crap.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A flight attendant opens a can of beer and pours a bit of it in a plastic cup and gives it to a passenger.
  • We see a shop called "Wines & Spirits."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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